Universal Horizontal Heavy Duty Gap Bed CNC Lathe (DLE-CNC 500)

Universal Horizontal Heavy Duty Gap Bed CNC Lathe (DLE-CNC 500)

CW6280、CW62110HORIZONTAL GAP BED LATHE Features Rapid design in apron, single handle operation. Spindle forward, reverse running and break all use hydraulic control. Manual break, foot break as optional.

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Horizontal Gap Bed Lathe CW6280/CW62110

Horizontal Gap Bed Lathe CW6280/CW62110 series heavy duty lathe is of high power, strong rigidity and wide range of spindle speed regulation. It is suitable for strong or high speed cutting. It can turn end face, outer circle, meat hole, metric, inch, module, diametral pitch and other threads. It can also undertake drilling, nesting, boring and other processes




*Brake and positive and negative change of the spindle are controlled by hydraulic pressure. Brake is sensitive and reliable. You can use button to change the first level speed without stopping.

*Head box is lubricated by pressure oil, and there are several kinds of spindle speed range for users to choose. There is a safety mechanism in the chute box, which can prevent the lathe from being damaged due to overload.

*The upper carriage can shorten the cone of motor vehicle, the combined movement of longitudinal feed and the upper carriage feed can lengthen the cone of motor vehicle, and bed guide way is surface hardened to improve the service life of guide way.

* The operating handle of  Horizontal Gap Bed Lathe CW6280/CW62110 is centralized, convenient and flexible.

*Bed is wider than the general lathe, with high rigidity, and guide wayl surface is hardened by medium frequency, which is durable.

*The operation of Horizontal Gap Bed Lathe CW6280/CW62110 is flexible and centralized, and sliding plate is equipped with a fast moving mechanism. Single handle is convenient to visualization operation.

* Structural rigidity and transmission rigidity of Horizontal Gap Bed Lathe CW6280/CW62110 are higher than that of the general lathe, andpower utilization rate is high, which is suitable for high-speed cutting. Spindle has large hole diameter and complete accessories




We are good at learning and learning from others to create first-class management, leading technology and reliable Universal Horizontal Heavy Duty Gap Bed CNC Lathe (DLE-CNC 500) with our own characteristics. We give priority to quality and customer satisfaction and for this we follow stringent quality control measures. We have complete process equipment, design concepts, management experts and strict quality control system.
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