What Are The Basic Requirements For Maintenance Of Education Lathe?

- Jun 28, 2017-

What are the basic requirements for maintenance of Education Lathe?
Engaged in educational Education Lathe personnel, according to the technical information of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools for maintenance, installation and commissioning; use the necessary maintenance tools, CNC machine tools to check the phenomenon of failure to analyze and confirm the cause of the failure to complete the CNC machine tools Maintenance and repair. What are the basic requirements for maintenance of Education Lathe?
1. As an educational Education Lathe personnel should not only focus on analysis and accumulation, but also should be diligent in learning, good at learning.
2. Have a strong hands-on ability, hands-on maintenance personnel must have the quality. But for the maintenance of CNC machine tools such as about precision, key equipment, hands must have a clear purpose, a complete idea, detailed operation.
3. With a wide range of knowledge As CNC machine tools are usually mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and other dry one of the processing equipment, composed of various parts of the machine between the close contact, any part of the failure will affect other parts The normal work.
4. Skilled operation of machine tools and the use of maintenance equipment CNC machine maintenance can not be separated from the actual operation, especially in the maintenance process, maintenance personnel usually have to enter the general operator can not carry out the special mode of operation, such as the machine parameter settings and Adjustment through the computer and software online debugging using PLC programmer monitoring and so on.
5. Good thinking about the complex structure of CNC machine tools, the links between the various parts closely. Faults are extensive. And in some cases the failure of the phenomenon reflected is not necessarily the root cause of failure.
6. With foreign language basic and professional foreign language foundation, although the current domestic production of CNC machine tools manufacturers have been increasing, but the key part of CNC machine tools - CNC system also mainly rely on imports, the supporting instructions, the information is often used in the original data CNC system alarm Text also shows mostly foreign language.
7. Accelerate the accumulation of education The speed of maintenance of the lathe to a large extent rely on the usual experience of the accumulation of maintenance personnel encountered problems, the more warfare solved, the maintenance experience will be more abundant.
Education Lathe is the abbreviation of digital program control lathe, it sets a versatile universal lathe, high precision machining precision lathe and high processing efficiency of the special type of lathe in one, is the largest use, the most extensive coverage A machine. Automated Education Lathe is a use of CNC technology, in accordance with the pre-programmed procedures to achieve the action of the machine. It consists of program carrier, input device, CNC unit, servo system, position feedback system and machine tool components.
Processing parts on automated Education Lathe usually takes the following steps:
1. According to the pattern and process plan of the machined part, write the program list in the prescribed code and program format and record it on the carrier;
2. Enter the program on the program carrier into the CNC unit via the input device;
3.CNC unit will enter the program after processing, the machine to the coordinates of the servo system to send a signal;
4. The servo system drives the moving parts of the machine according to the signals from the CNC unit and controls the necessary auxiliary operations.
5. Through the machine tool parts to drive the relative movement of the tool and the workpiece, the processing of the required workpiece;
6. Detect the movement of the educational lathe and feed it back to the CNC unit via the feedback device to reduce the machining error. Of course, for open-loop Education Lathe is not detected, the feedback system.