Traditional Lathe Structure Function

- May 25, 2017-

Conventional Lathe Conventional lathe structure Function The traditional lathe is a horizontal lathe which can process many kinds of workpieces such as shaft, plate and ring. It is often used in the inner and outer rotary surface, end face and various internal and external threads of the workpiece. The corresponding tool and Accessories, but also for drilling, reaming, tapping and knurling. Traditional lathes are the most widely used lathes, accounting for about 65% of the total number of lathe, because the spindle placed in a horizontal way so called horizontal lathe

  Structure function

  CA6140 traditional lathe main components are: spindle box, feed box, slide box, knife, tailstock, light bar, screw and bed.

  Spindle box: also known as the head of the box, its main task is to rotate the main motor through a series of transmission mechanism to make the required spindle to the two different steering speed, while the spindle box part of the power Pass the movement to the feed box. The spindle spindle is the key part of the lathe. The smooth running of the spindle on the bearing directly affects the machining quality of the workpiece. Once the spindle rotation accuracy is reduced, the machine's use value will be reduced.

  Feed box: also known as the walking box, the feed box is equipped with the feed movement of the speed mechanism, adjust its transmission mechanism, you can get the required feed or pitch, through the light bar or screw to the movement to the knife Frame for cutting.

  Screw and light bar: used to connect the feed box and slide box, and the movement and power of the feed box to the slide box, so slip

  The box gets longitudinal linear motion. The screw is specially designed to turn all kinds of threads, and when turning into the other surface of the workpiece, only the light bar, no screw.

  Conventional Lathe Sliding box: is the lathe feed movement of the control box, built with the light bar and the screw rotation of the tool into a straight movement of the tool body, through the light bar to achieve the tool holder longitudinal feed movement, horizontal feed movement And fast moving, through the screw drive tool holder for vertical linear movement, in order to turn the thread

  Tool holder: The tool holder consists of several layers of turret, and its function is to clamp the tool, so that the tool for vertical, horizontal or oblique feed movement.

  Tailstock: installed for positioning support with the rear tip, you can also install the drill, reamer and other hole processing tool for hole processing.

  Bed: the main components of the lathe are installed on the bed so that they maintain an accurate relative position at work.

  main feature

  1, low frequency torque, the output is smooth

  2, high-performance vector control

  3, torque dynamic response fast, high speed accuracy

  4, slow speed stop fast

  5, anti-interference ability