The Original Washpipe for Varco TDS-11SA Spare Parts

- Dec 16, 2017-

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Type:Petroleum Drilling Tool & Accessory

  • Usage:Offshore Oil and Gas Field Exploitation Machinery

  • Certification:API

  • Trademark:wonderful

  • Origin:China

Product Description


TDS is one of the greatest technological revolutions of petroleum equipment which is used to replace Kelly and rotary table. TDS can drill with triples instead of singles which can reduce two-thirds volume of work of makeup and breakout and greatly increase drilling speed. The advantages of TDS is that in tripping if meets block up or struck, you can rotate the drill string while circulating mud flow so it can reduce drilling accidents. TDS can increase the level of mechanization of operation together with the wellhead system which can reduce the worker's labor intensity and the amount of operators. Especially in the directional well and cluster well, TDS has more advantages.

Provide various brands of top drive for rental, e. G. Varco, Canrig, TESCO, BPM
Our Top Drive Rental Advantages:
1. Four stations of Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Tianjin for top drive rental, which can provide the quickest mobilization to the destination as customer's request.
2. Owning various world well known brands of top drive, (Manufacturer: Varco, Canrig, Tesco, BPM; Model: Electric or Hydraulic; Load: 250T/500T/750T); This can meet different customer's requirement in various environment.
3. A professional and experienced top drive service team.
4. A complete spare parts supply system.

Top Drive Rental Procedures:
1. Suitable top drive will be recommended according to customer's requirement (drilling rig's details and request for top drive)
2. Sign a top drive rental contract by negotiation.
3. Mobilization
4. Installation on site
5. Top drive working
6. Demobilization
7. Station restoration

Top Drive Repair Procedures:
1. Confirm repair project
2. Making a repair outline or scheme
3. Sign the contract
4. Handing over the equipments
5. Top drive arriving in workshop or stations, and then disassembling
6. Top drive parts inspection
7. Top drive assembly
8. Top drive commissioning and leaving the workshop or stations
9. Customer acceptance
10. Installation and commissioning on site
11. Project completion reporting


Drilling tools can be hoist at any time and well bore can be cleaned during drilling to reduce accidents. In tripping if meets block up, you can connect the drill string quickly and circulate mud and make back reaming so that it can reduce sticking accidents.

Integrated with mechanic, electric and hydraulic control system. The AC output parameters of frequency converter match with the performance requirement of motor. The self-designed PLC program is simplified which can be designed according to the requirement of customer. It has the function of protection and interlock, which is more suitable to the drilling condition.

The rotating head has two oil channels to supply oil to the tilt hydro cylinder to realize the forth tilt and back swing of link. Each oil channel is with dual seal for oil leaking accident reduced greatly and improving the reliability of system. When tripping operation, rotating head can rotate with drilling tools and it is easy to handle drilling accidents.

Adopt the plug-in type housing structure, the back-up tong and IBOP hydro cylinder don't rotate with the rotating head and the structure is simple.
Adopt double load path: When drilling operation, the bearing of gearbox bears the load. When tripping operation, the bearing of rotating head bears the load. It can greatly increase the service life of bearing and main shaft.

BOHAI petroleum equipment group co., limited ( hereinafter referred to BPE) is the professional global petroleum drilling equipment manufacturer with the Chinese petroleum industrial development. Based on Dagang oilfield found in 1964, BPE has provided not only reliable API drilling equipment, but also high-quality top drive system repair services to CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, CPTDC, and exported our high quality drilling equipment and service to more than 30 counties in Africa, middle-east, America, Asia.
One-stop drilling equipment supplier saves your time and energy
With our business and technical development trend, we have divided our group into six business divisions:
The sand control screen division
Its main sand control screen pipes includes: High quality slotted liner for oil and water well , new designed keystone slotted liner, advanced perforated pipe, reliable rod-based wire wrapped screen, durable pipe-based wire wrapped screen, pre-packed screen, and bridge slot screen,
The casing and tubing division
Its main products: API casing pipe, API tubing, casing coupling, tubing coupling, casing thread protector, tubing thread protector, casing pup joint, tubing pup joint, high temperature and pressure thread sealing grease.
The stabilizer division
We could produce all kinds of API and NON-API stabilizer: Integral Spiral Blade Stabilizer, Integral Straight Blade Stabilizer, Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer, Tapered Stabilizer, Float valve stabilizer, Welded Blade Stabilizer, Non-Rotating Stabilizer, Roller Reamer
The drill pipe division
We could produce API drill pipes, heavy weight drill pipes, drill collar, Kelly.
The top drive system division
The top drive system has more advantages than the rotary table, and it is used in more and more drilling rigs due to its safer, higher drilling speed and efficient.  We could provide the rapid and timely TDS repair and maintenance service, but also the VARCO, CANRIG, TESCO, MH and BPMC TDS original spare parts.
The drilling rig accessories and spare parts division
Sucker rod coupling, hose, float shoe, float collar, liner hanger, and so on.
Our consistent stable quality enhances your drilling safety and efficiency
Any minor quality defects maybe could lead to catastrophe during drilling. We produce every petroleum equipment strictly according to API standard, and also got other certificates, such as ISO9001, ASME, DNV, and GOST. We have professional quality department to conduct the quality inspection, train, evaluations. At the same time, we could provide SGS inspection to make you free. 
Competitive price maximizes your profit and make you become a winner
Our large scale material purchase lower the average cost to make our drilling equipment price more competitive. Every division has its production line, and do not need to outsourcing, so not only decrease the processing cost, but also guarantee the quality. Our R &D team also focuses on ensuring a perfect match between product performance and customer demands to reduce the total cost with customized integration solutions.