The Transformation Of Horizontal Lathe Industry To Promote The Development Of Horizontal Lathe Industry

- Jun 13, 2017-

The Transformation of Horizontal Lathe Industry to Promote the Development of Horizontal Lathe Industry
China's horizontal lathe industry development, although the start later than the Western countries, in some technology is still behind its advanced level in the world, but can not deny that China's horizontal lathe industry in the future domestic automation transition period ushered in a development peak.
China has long been in the rapid development of the manufacturing industry to enter the world horizontal lathe production power, consumer power and the ranks of large countries. According to the Secretary-General of the International Mold Association Luo Baihui research, China's horizontal lathe tool industry, a total of 2023 enterprises which belong to the 959 state-owned enterprises, accounting for 47.4% of the total; private enterprises 758, accounting for 37.5%; foreign-funded enterprises 306, %, The industry-wide total assets of 117.5 billion yuan, with employees 52 million people.
With the deepening of reform, the pattern of coexistence of various economic components has been formed, horizontal lathe tool industry has shown a rapid development of the good situation, has begun to enter the development speed and economic quality of the simultaneous growth of the new stage, and for our country by the horizontal Lathe manufacturing power to the horizontal lathe manufacturing power to create a good foundation. Horizontal lathe tool industry competitiveness analysis of specific progress is: 1, output value of high-speed growth, significantly improved economic efficiency. 2, CNC horizontal lathe development speed is higher than the industry average growth rate.
But we must face the problem is that in China's horizontal lathe industry, the rapid development of the period, although its various industrial horizontal lathes in China has been able to make most of the domestic, but some of the key equipment can not be made domestic or domestic Quality is not up to standard, can only rely heavily on imports to maintain its production, and in a horizontal lathe of the entire value system, the key components occupy the bulk position, more economic benefits by foreign manufacturers to earn. This is especially true in high-end industrial equipment. In the low-end areas due to low technology entry, so to achieve the quality of similar foreign products or a little gap.
At present, the macroeconomic downturn, the domestic manufacturing industry growth rate gradually slowed down, horizontal lathe business profits have been compressed, especially labor-intensive enterprises are facing unprecedented pressure. Strengthen the automation of equipment to improve production automation, reduce labor intensity, improve the operating environment, has become a general consensus in the manufacturing sector.
In the second Five-Year Plan, change the mode of economic development is still the key to improve the level of automation manufacturing is the way to achieve the next five years, automation will usher in a great development. At the same time, China's horizontal lathe industry will rely on global automation development, will be more to enter the high-end areas, out of its backward production capacity, optimize the structure of horizontal lathe industry, increase the high-end horizontal lathe industry share, will be China Horizontal lathe industry during this period to solve the main problem.