The Structural Characteristics Of Economical CNC Vertical Lathe

The Structural Characteristics of Economical CNC Vertical Lathe
Economical CNC Vertical Lathes are widely used in aerospace, military, electrical, instrumentation equipment industry, automobile, motorcycle accessories, agricultural machinery parts, fasteners, bearings, photographic equipment, film machinery, hardware tools, watches, glasses, Motor valves, gas pipe fittings and other high-precision complex parts of the manufacturing, metal processing industry is the most efficient high-efficiency equipment.
Economical CNC Vertical Lathe structural features are as follows:
1, economic CNC Vertical Lathe high precision, low noise, high precision, good stability.
2, economic CNC Vertical Lathe can be turning a variety of rotary surfaces, such as cylindrical surface, conical surface, special surface, etc., and can be slotted, car thread, boring, hinge processing, high efficiency, applicability.
3, economic CNC Vertical Lathe bed guide by the ultra-audio quenching after grinding, high hardness, good rigidity.
4, the ball screw with the overall internal screw, matching angular contact ball bearing support and preload. Rails, screw rods, such as the use of centralized automatic lubrication, with a flexible movement to reduce the heat distortion, precision and stability characteristics.
5, electric four-position tool holder with precision tooth plate positioning, repeat positioning accuracy.
6, tailstock with fast cam clamping device, high efficiency. Tailstock sleeve to prevent the drill bit rotation device, to avoid the operation caused by the drill bit rotation and damage the tailstock sleeve hole taper, the effective protection of the tailstock parts.
7, economical CNC Vertical Lathe easy to operate, especially for complex parts or high precision parts of the processing of high volume is also the first choice for numerical control teaching.
Economical CNC Vertical Lathe protection of the overall structure of the operation of a strong, waterproof, chip separation is good, beautiful appearance, generous.
In the protection of CNC Vertical Lathe design process, the first is to determine the appearance of the machine in the protection of the size of the design: According to the known machine structural design parameters and standard configuration to determine the overall dimensions of protection to ensure that the machine is working Protection does not interfere with the machine host.
The length of the operation panel is determined according to the travel speed of the known machine tool, and the width and size of the protection door are determined according to the stroke size of the known machine tool, and the guide rail Protective cover of the structural parameters to ensure the protection of their own functions and the correctness of the size.
In addition, the protection structure design: the most important is the overall machine protection waterproof, to ensure that the normal work without water leakage occurred.
The design of the machine tool protection directly affects the quality of the machine.Because the machine protection design is built on the basis of the machine tool "coat", if the protection base is unreasonable, protective parts connected to the water leakage, protective parts assembly process is not good , Which not only affect the machine tool production cycle, but also affect the quality of the machine.
Economical CNC Vertical Lathe protection design, are bedside vertical plate on the center of the spindle as the design basis, to design bedside protection, after the protection, access to sink and other parts, to complete the protection design.

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