The Significance Of Improving The Reliability Of Economical CNC Lathe

- Oct 18, 2017-

The Significance of Improving the Reliability of Economical CNC Lathe
Machinery manufacturing industry after years of development, has made great achievements, of which, economic CNC Lathe processing for the development of machinery manufacturing industry provides a favorable basis. Modern mechanical processing and manufacturing of economic CNC Lathes put forward higher requirements, the need for economic CNC Lathes with automatic processing functions under the premise, but also with the reliability of protection, therefore, to strengthen the failure of CNC machine tools can improve the machine The stability of the operation, and thus can promote the development of China's machinery manufacturing industry.
The processing of economic CNC Lathe can effectively improve the efficiency of mechanical parts manufacturing, its reliability affects the development of mechanical manufacturing technology, advanced machinery manufacturing technology, not only need to improve the performance of CNC Lathes also need to improve the reliability of CNC Lathes, Can ensure that the processing can achieve a reasonable processing results, while improving the safety of processing and reduce the cumbersome operation of the steps. Improve the reliability of economic CNC Lathe, can better promote the cause of numerical control and machinery manufacturing development, and thus can promote the development of China's industrialization process.
Economical CNC Lathe technology affects the overall ability of China's overall technology, so we have to continuously improve the accuracy of CNC Lathe processing, so as to improve the overall strength of China from all aspects.
The thermal characteristics of vertical CNC Lathes are one of the important factors that affect the machining accuracy. Due to the speed of the vertical CNC Lathe, the feed speed is much higher than that of the ordinary machine tool. The hot cutting effect caused by the large cutting amount has much more influence on the heat conduction of the workpiece and the machine tool parts than the ordinary machine tool, and the influence of the thermal deformation on the machining precision is often difficult Operator correction. Therefore, measures to reduce the thermal deformation of CNC Lathes should be given special attention.
Commonly used measures are the following: 1, to improve the layout and structural design of CNC Lathe: such as the heat is relatively symmetrical use of the thermal symmetry structure; CNC Lathe with inclined bed, flat bed and inclined skateboard structure; some heavy CNC Machine tools are subject to thermal balance due to structural constraints.
2, the control of temperature rise: the heating part of the CNC Lathe (such as the spindle box, hydrostatic rail hydraulic oil, etc.) to take heat, air cooling and liquid cooling and other ways to control the temperature rise to heat the heat, On the use of a more to reduce the impact of thermal deformation countermeasures.
3, the cutting site to take a strong cold measures: in the large cutting amount of cutting, fell on the table, bed and other parts of the hot chip an important heat source. Modern CNC machines, especially machining centers and CNC Lathes, generally use multiple nozzles, large flow coolants to cool and remove these hot chips, and cool the coolant with large capacity circulation or cooling with cooling to control the temperature rise.
Economic CNC Lathe as the strategic equipment of national defense industry, is the most important means of manufacturing weapons and equipment, is an important guarantee for the modernization of national defense and military equipment. Driven by market demand, China's CNC machine tool industry, strong demand will remain high growth, the domestic demand for high-end machine tools gradually more than low-end machine, the average annual compound growth rate of 37.4%. CNC machine tools have become the mainstream of machine tool consumption, the rapid growth of CNC machine tools to bring the huge demand for CNC system.
In the economic development, strong support for national policies, the revitalization of upstream and downstream industries under the background, China's CNC machine tool industry, strong demand will continue to maintain rapid growth, especially economic CNC Lathes will usher in greater market space, the next 3-5 Year, China's CNC machine tool industry market growth rate will reach 12 or so. Which will drive China's domestic CNC machine tools and CNC system and related functional components of the market development, but also undoubtedly for the domestic CNC system manufacturers continue to develop their own technology, expand the market provides an excellent opportunity.