The Price Of Horizontal Lathe Correctly Analyzes The Economic Rationality Of Its Use

- Jul 05, 2017-

The price of Horizontal Lathe correctly analyzes the economic rationality of its use

Horizontal Lathe there are many factors that can affect prices, for you to introduce different Horizontal Lathe prices factors, buy Horizontal Lathe or choose production enterprise with many years of brand, rich technical experience, perfect after-sales service. The Horizontal Lathe relies on stepping motor to drive ball screw drive, because the ball screw can have full capacity, the transmission has no gap, the accuracy depends on the machine tool itself and the program guarantee. It can be automatically measured in the process of machining, and can automatically compensate for the errors caused by tool wear and other causes. So the processing quality is good, the accuracy is stable. It can also be programmed with a complex shape, the ordinary lathe difficult to process parts. Suitable for high precision, large batch and complex shape. The price of Horizontal Lathe and his maintenance cost are higher than ordinary lathes.

The Horizontal Lathe price is reliable, the CNC machine has the following three outstanding characteristics:

Horizontal Lathe by using binary mathematical way to input, can be arbitrary processing programming, spindle and feeding speed can be according to the processing needs change, Horizontal Lathe and can realize the coordinate linkage, easy machining complex curved surface. For processing object has the characteristics of the "fickle and changeable, mercurial", in batch of easy to adjust, miscellaneous pieces of Horizontal Lathe can realize many kinds of medium and small batch of flexible production, to adapt to the social demand for product diversification. The price of Horizontal Lathe needs to correctly analyze the economic rationality of its use;

By combining Horizontal Lathe using hardware and software, can realize information feedback and compensation, the function such as automatic deceleration, Horizontal Lathe can further improve the machining accuracy, efficiency of the machine tool, automation degree;

Horizontal Lathe was mainly used for electronic control in mechatronics machine, give full play to the advantages of microelectronics, computer technology characteristic, easy to implement informatization, intelligent, networked, can change of of all kinds of advanced manufacturing system, the industry of the Horizontal Lathe can maximize productivity, labor productivity.

Because of the increasing shortage of skilled people, new enterprises now use Horizontal Lathes to improve productivity and product quality, reducing waste products and costs.

Horizontal Lathe generally by the input and output devices (or the CN C units), CNC device, servo unit, and drive (or actuator) and electrical control devices, auxiliary equipment, machine tools ontology, measuring feedback device, etc. Horizontal Lathe manufacturers should follow the following principles when processing parts:

(1) select the parts suitable for processing on Horizontal Lathe.

(2) analyze the drawings of the processed parts and specify the processing content and technical requirements.

(3) determine the origin position of the workpiece coordinate system. The origin of the center of the workpiece is usually selected at the right end of the workpiece and the center of the rotation center of the spindle and the center of the spindle rotation center and the left end of the workpiece.

(4) the processing path should be formulated and the starting point should be considered. The starting point generally also serves as the end of the processing, and the city points should be easy to check and install the workpiece. Should be considered the coarse car, half fine cars, car line, in the guarantee parts machining accuracy and surface roughness under the premise of as much as possible with the least amount of feed line complete parts processing, shorten the processing time of a piece. Should consider changing the position of the cutting point, change the knife point is the process of tool post for automatic tool change position, change the knife point location selection should consider interference will not occur in the process of tool change phenomenon, and tool change route as short as possible, starting point and change the same point is optional or not with the point.