The Development Of Sheet Metal In China

- Nov 29, 2016-

Hardware shell manufacturer: As a modern industrial cornerstone of the machine tool industry, is the process of industrial economic development in any case can not bypass a critical problem, the Chinese machine tool industry due to deficiencies, has been in the development of high-end machine tools in the mainstream of foreign standards , Is in a process of catching them.

Hardware shell manufacturers: China is still relatively backward CNC machine tools. China's CNC machine tool market is huge, compared with foreign products, China's gap is mainly high-speed machine tools and high precision and precision, China is in the middle of industrialization, from solving the shortage of open gradually to the building of economic power, The strong growth of heavy industry-based industries such as coal, automobile, steel, real estate, building materials, machinery, electronics and chemical industry has made great demands on machine tools market, especially CNC machine tools.

The technology-leading strategy is to customer-centric strategy change: the economic crisis will often lead to large-scale industrial upgrading and business transformation, machine tool industry to achieve manufacturing services, the core is to be customer-centric, and actively provide customers with the needs Personalized service. Therefore, from a simple product to provide the overall turn to provide solutions, from a technology-centric to customer-centric transformation into today's trend.