The Correct Treatment Of Horizontal Lathe Faults Keep In Mind

- Aug 07, 2017-

The Correct Treatment of Horizontal Lathe Faults Keep in mind
Different Horizontal Lathes CNC system design ideas vary widely, but regardless of the kind of system, their basic principles and composition are very similar. So in the machine failure, requiring maintenance personnel must have a clear fault handling ideas:
Investigate the fault scene, confirm the fault phenomenon, the nature of the fault, should fully grasp the fault information, so that "more brains, handsome" to avoid the expansion of the failure. According to the fault information to clear the complexity of the fault, and lists the fault of all the points. Prepare the necessary technical information, such as machine tool manual, electrical control schematic diagram, etc., as the basis for analysis of the causes of failure, to develop solutions to eliminate the problem, open thinking, should not be limited to a part of the machine. In the determination of the troubleshooting program, the use of multimeter, oscilloscope and other measurement tools, test methods to verify and detect faults, step by step positioning fault location, to confirm whether the fault is an electrical failure or mechanical failure, is systemic or random, Is their own failure or external failure and so on. Trouble removal usually find the cause of the problem after the problem will immediately be solved.
Horizontal Lathe CNC system is the core of CNC machine tools processing online, and its reliable operation, directly related to the normal operation of the entire equipment or not. In this regard, we can:
1. Make full use of CNC system hardware, software alarm function
In the modern numerical control system are set up a large number of hardware alarm indicator device, set the hardware alarm indicator device is conducive to improving the maintainability of CNC system. CNC machine tools CNC system has a self-diagnostic function. During the operation of the CNC system, it is possible to use the self-diagnosis program to diagnose the system promptly. Once a fault is detected, the alarm is immediately displayed on the CRT or illuminated on the panel. And this self-diagnostic function can also be classified fault alarm.
2. Horizontal Lathe simple fault alarm processing method
In general, the Horizontal Lathe has a strong self-alarm function, can monitor the system hardware and software working status at any time, most of the Horizontal Lathe fault alarm can be prompted, according to the fault prompts to determine the machine failure, timely processing, troubleshooting , Improve machine integrity and efficiency.
Horizontal Lathe lubrication system design, commissioning and maintenance, for improving the lathe machining accuracy, extend the life of the lathe and so have a very important role. In the horizontal control system of the lathe, the lubrication control part is designed to monitor the working condition of the lubrication system at all times so as to ensure that the mechanical parts of the lathe are well lubricated, and can also automatically adjust the oil supply according to the working condition of the lathe Time to save oil.
Horizontal Lathe lubrication system working state monitoring:
Lubrication system in addition to fuel consumption, fuel tank oil is too small to make the lubrication system lack of oil, the common failure of the pump failure, fuel line blockage, shunt work is not normal, serious oil spills. Therefore, the following detection devices are provided in the lubrication system for monitoring the working state of the lubrication pump to prevent the machine from working in the oil shortage state and affecting the performance and service life of the Horizontal Lathe.
Pressure detection machine adopts progressive centralized lubrication system, Horizontal Lathe as long as the system is working properly, each lubrication point can guarantee to get the predetermined lubricant. Once the lubrication pump itself is not working properly, failure, or oil supply circuit there is a fuel supply pipeline blockage, oil spills, etc., the system pressure will appear abnormal. According to this feature, the design of the lubrication pump at the exit of the installation of pressure detection switch, and the switch signal input PMC system, after each lubrication pump work, check the system pressure, once the anomaly is immediately stop CNC lathe work, and Generate an alarm signal.