Specific Characteristics Of Machining Forms And How To Treat Heat Treatment

- Nov 29, 2016-

What are the main characteristics of each type of machining, and what is the general treatment of the heat treatment in machining, etc.? The above problems, Is the mechanical processing, so the following, to give specific answers, so that everyone through the study to clearly understand.

1. What is the specific form of machining, and what are its main features for each?

Mechanical processing, its common and the main form, in the traditional method, according to Wuxi machinery manufacturers Gaorun introduction, mainly car, pliers, milling, planing, plug, grinding, drilling, boring, punching and sawing and so on. At present, in these methods, an increase of electroplating, wire cutting, forging, casting and electrical corrosion.

Car: including the vertical lathe and sleeper, the main feature is the rotation of the processing.

Milling: There are vertical milling and horizontal milling, etc., is the groove and the shape of the straight surface for processing, can also be linked to the arc surface processing.

Plane: The main feature is the ability to shape the straight line surface processing, but here the Wuxi machinery manufacturers Gaorun science and technology to be reminded that the surface roughness, there is no milling machine so good.