Sheet Metal Processing Technology Continue To Learn To Expand

- Nov 29, 2016-

Sheet metal, sometimes called gold, refers to the sheet metal through manual processing, or use the stamping die, so that the process of plastic deformation, which can get the desired shape and size, and on this basis , Can also be welded, or a small amount of machining, to become more complex parts.

In general, the sheet metal processing is called sheet metal processing, its processes, mainly cut, bend buckle, bending molding, welding and riveting and so on. The finished product, generally called sheet metal parts, its main features are light weight, high strength, low cost, but also has a certain conductivity. Its use is also very wide, in the electronic and electrical, communications, automotive industry and medical equipment and other fields, have a wide range of applications. But sometimes, sheet metal pieces can also be called sheet metal parts.

In the modern sheet metal process, it includes a lot of content, such as laser cutting, heavy processing, metal drawing, plasma cutting, precision welding, roll forming, die forging and so on, are very important, and Is also widely used.