Sheet Metal Processing Plant To Explain The Popular Meaning Of Sheet Metal Processing

- Nov 29, 2016-

1, sheet metal processing plant: work to study hard, ground on the machine, more thinking, it is best for each product in a process, all with notes down, what kind of mold, in what order, so that in the future Work at any time check.

2, sheet metal processing plant: in some of the size of the deployment of a slight deviation of the case, bending adjustment method: a fixed size of the expansion, with different molds, bending size will be different, the next mold V, bending The size becomes larger, whereas the smaller the V of the lower die, the smaller the bend size.

3, in the arrangement of the bending sequence, if do not have to bend the surface positioning, try not to use the bending of the surface positioning to ensure accurate bending size.

4, in the installation of mold, try to mold installed in the middle part of the machine, both to ensure the accuracy of bending, but also can extend the useful life of the machine.

5, at get off work, be sure to machine down to the lowest point, if the batch of products has not yet completed, you can not turn off the machine's total switch, but to shut down the machine tool pump switch.