Research On Application Of CNC Lathe In Automobile Manufacturing Industry

- Jun 13, 2017-

Research on Application of CNC Lathe in Automobile Manufacturing Industry
CNC lathe processing in the automotive manufacturing industry to explore the current production of automobile manufacturing, new product development cycle is shortening, the cost is also reduced, there are data that ten years ago need four years of development cycle of automotive products; today only two Year can be completed. In addition to advanced manufacturing technology, such as advanced product development methods, virtual manufacturing, and synchronous engineering, it is important for manufacturers of automotive manufacturers to benefit from the provision of equipment for manufacturing equipment for automobile manufacturing, especially in these Equipment suppliers offer a variety of CNC lathes that allow automakers to offer products that meet market demand at the fastest possible rate.
CNC lathe processing classification and characteristics of CNC lathe processing there are many; from the class on the points, a dedicated CNC lathe processing, a common CNC lathe processing; from the processing of different varieties, the processing of shell-type CNC lathe processing CNC milling machine, processing Heart, there are processing axis CNC lathes, turning heart, cam CNC grinding machine, etc .; from the CNC lathe processing requirements on the points, a single-axis NC CNC belt polishing machine, a five-linked CNC cutting machine, CNC hob Grinding from the control of the complexity of the points, there are simple NC, multi-channel NC; from the drive on the points, there are stepper motor, DC servo motor, AC synchronous servo motor, AC asynchronous servo motor, a linear motor ; From the spindle drive way points, there are DC spindle motor, AC spindle motor, AC spindle; from the location feedback on the points, a full closed loop feedback, a semi-closed-loop feedback, open-loop control and so on.
CNC lathe processing of good flexibility. High adjustment, high precision machining, car manufacturers have long been concerned about, 60 years began to enter the field of automobile manufacturing parts and components production. Because of its high cost, system function and efficiency is not ideal, and has not been widely used. Into the nineties of the twentieth century, with the intensification of market competition; multi-species production to meet the needs of the market diversified to meet the needs of every CNC lathe processing users, as the automobile manufacturers to pursue the goal, to CNC machine tools as the main body of the flexible manufacturing unit, is widely used. Today, the focus of the development of CNC machine tools have two directions:
High-speed CNC lathe processing to high speed to achieve high efficiency. The current international level is the spindle speed ≤ 25000rpm, plus, deceleration ≤ 2.5g, fast moving ≤ 160m / min, to achieve this new level, CNC machine tool drive, mechanical transmission, mechanical structure, the tool should have a great Improve. The spindle of the machine tool must use the electric spindle, the main bearing is generally ceramic bearings, the difficulty is cooling, lubrication, the service life is generally 20,000h. Driving generally use linear motor plus linear guide (also used static pressure rail), 90m / min, 1g machine is also useful with large pitch double ball screw pre-tensioning program of dual servo motor drive. Mechanical structure is generally framed box structure. Tool with high hardness and high heat resistance tool, handle with HSK handle.
CNC machine tools or CNC machine tools to solve the flexible and high efficiency of the contradictions. At present, most of Europe and the United States car production by the high-speed machining center composed of agile production system, this system can be 100% flexible mixed flow of multi-species production, by a number of known as the island of flexible processing unit, each island by more than similar Machine tools and the machine connected to the robot composition, with electronic storage with the tray and the machine for information exchange. It is noteworthy that these equipment suppliers not only mastered the proprietary technology of equipment manufacturing, but also attach great importance to the development of automotive manufacturing process, they can provide users with turnkey projects, have their own system development capabilities. Machine reliability index is extremely advanced, stand-alone rate of 98% or more. With this production system, the industrial manufacturing cycle of new products for automobile manufacturers is greatly reduced.