Professionals Teach You How To Choose A Vertical Lathe

- Jun 13, 2017-

Professionals teach you how to choose a Vertical Lathe
What kind of Vertical Lathe is a good Vertical Lathe? As the user of course, to choose the right equipment, if the improper selection, not only can not make money into a machine for the bitter situation. We think that the definition of a good Vertical Lathe is this: can be recovered in the short term investment Vertical Lathe is a good Vertical Lathe.
CNC Vertical Lathe design life is generally 7 years, mainly the numerical control of the service life shall prevail, so that the proportion of money and money will directly affect your business, so careful analysis of the functional selection is effective investment Necessary condition.
Foreign engraving and milling machine is a very important part of the engraving and milling machine. It is often a question of whether you are buying a engraving machine or buying a CNC milling processing center. In addition, there are currently popular high-speed cutting Vertical Lathe (HSCMACHINE).
Or let us first figure out the difference between the three models:
1, - CNC milling and machining center for the completion of a larger amount of milling parts of the processing equipment 2, - CNC engraving and milling machine used to complete the smaller amount of milling, or soft metal processing equipment 3, - high-speed cutting legislation The type of lathe is used to complete the medium milling volume and the milling amount after milling is reduced to the lowest processing equipment. In-depth analysis of the structure of the above equipment can help us make the right choice. - Mechanically divided mechanically Two parts, the moving part and does not move part: the table, skateboard, cross flower table and so on for the moving part, the bed seat, the column is non-moving part 1, - CNC milling processing center:
Non-moving part of the steel requirements are very good to move part of the steel requirements are very good advantages: to carry out heavy cutting; Disadvantages: the same part of the mobile part of the sacrifice of the Vertical Lathe flexibility, for small parts and fast feed powerless.
2, - CNC engraving and milling machine non-moving part of the steel requirements of a good part of the steel to be flexible to the premise, as light as possible, while maintaining a certain degree of steel.
Advantages: can be relatively small processing, high precision machining. For soft metal can be high-speed processing; Disadvantages: due to poor steel can not be heavy cutting.
3, - high-speed cutting Vertical Lathe non-moving part of the steel requirements are very good to move part of the steel requirements are better, and as light as possible.
Advantages: can be small and medium-sized cutting (example of the general φ10 flat knives, for the 45 steel (300) deep depth of 0.75 as well); Disadvantages: the right to use under the high efficiency, low cost, so that grinding into a very small amount. Improper use, will soon make the waste of the pile of tools like mountains.
How to do from the mechanical above the light, rigid and contradictory requirements, the key lies in the mechanical structure of the effort.
1, the bed with high and low ribs with the mesh structure, and some direct use of the honeycomb phase of the hexagonal mesh structure 2, - wide columns and beams, we all know that the gantry structure because of its excellent Of the symmetry and excellent steel is high-speed cutting equipment manufacturers have been the preferred structure.
3, - for the moving part of the NC milling with a significant difference is to widen the distance between a lot of rails and rails to overcome the problem of bad torque.
4, - from the material generally used Mihan that cast iron, that is, the cultivation of cast iron, molten iron in the cast by adding a certain percentage of silicon (Si) to change the internal structure of iron, making it more resistant to stamping, rigid Significantly increased.