Preparation Of Horizontal Lathe Before Trial Run

- Sep 07, 2017-

Preparation of Horizontal Lathe before trial run
Horizontal Lathe is the most used in modern workpiece processing equipment, installed in the machine and other equipment, should be commissioned to ensure that the machine can be normal operation before the formal start processing. So, what kind of preparation work should be done before the trial run of the Horizontal Lathe manufacturer?
Machine geometry accuracy inspection qualified, the workers to clean up the machine, cleaning methods are as follows: with a detergent or cotton cloth wiping cloth, can not use cotton yarn or gauze. The main goal of cleaning is to protect the guide surface and the processing surface and coated with anti-rust oil or anti-rust paint, the machine surface on the surface of the dust, but also in the sliding surface and work surface coated with the provisions of the machine used lubricants The
Carefully check whether the various parts of the machine refueling and whether to meet the standards, check the cooling tank in the coolant is sufficient, and the machine hydraulic station, automatic lubrication device oil to the oil tanker specified parts.
 Horizontal Lathe is the most commonly used mechanical processing equipment, Horizontal Lathe manufacturers to remind the majority of friends, in order to ensure the quality of the workpiece processing, in the purchase of lathe to comply with the following principles.
One is prepared early. To the Horizontal Lathe manufacturer before the purchase of lathe, you need to determine the typical parts of the process requirements, processing of the workpiece batch, but also to develop a good Horizontal Lathe should have the function. Among them, the typical parts of the process requirements, including parts of the processing range, structural size and accuracy requirements, precision requirements, including the workpiece size accuracy, positioning accuracy and surface roughness, etc., which is the choice of lathe control accuracy standards. Reliability is the lathe in the provisions of the price adjustment under the implementation of the function, can be a long time stable operation without failure, which is to improve product quality and production efficiency guarantee.
When choosing machine tools and tools, consider the suitability of the tool and accessories, which is important for the Horizontal Lathes and turning centers that have been put into operation. When purchasing, pay attention to the control system of the same, that is best to choose the same Horizontal Lathe manufacturer's control system, so easy to repair and maintenance. Buy also pay attention to cost-effective, so that the function, the accuracy is not idle, not waste, do not choose their own function has nothing to do. Finally, the machine tool maintenance, when necessary, can be equipped with fully enclosed or semi-enclosed protective device and automatic chip removal device.
 Horizontal Lathe is the main equipment of modern parts processing technology, with the development of technology and production needs, the technology and equipment is in the rapid development of Horizontal Lathe manufacturers for your analysis of its development trend.
High-speed, high-precision development. For Horizontal Lathe manufacturers, high-speed and precision is its eternal pursuit. The development of science and technology and social progress require the production of continuous speed, Horizontal Lathe and other industries as well. More high-speed machine tools and more sophisticated processing technology to meet the needs of complex and volatile market, and therefore become the main development direction of the manufacturer.
High reliability development. Reliability is a key indicator of machine tools, reliability determines the machine can play a high performance, high precision and high efficiency, so manufacturers should pay attention to this development.
Horizontal Lathe design CAD, modular design modular. The popularity of computer and the development of software technology, making CAD technology widely used, it replaces the manual to complete the cumbersome drawing work, can simulate the whole parts of the dynamic. On the basis of modularization can see the product of the three-dimensional geometric model and realistic colors, so that greatly improve the efficiency, reduce costs and improve market competitiveness.