Learn The Best Working Environment For Economical CNC Lathe

- Sep 18, 2017-

Learn the best working environment for economical CNC Lathe
Economical CNC Lathe are now necessary for industrial production equipment, is also one of the necessary equipment, the mechanical production together, the use of economic CNC Lathe that is able to greatly add the scope of use, and to a certain extent Promote the production of industrial, improve the power of work. Since the Chinese CNC Lathe skills to carry out the training period in the future, various areas have begun on the extensive concern of CNC Lathe. Economical CNC Lathe in the course of work, only have the best working environment and production conditions, in order to rationally play the role of high precision CNC Lathe to improve the efficiency of economic CNC Lathe. So, for the economic CNC Lathe, what kind of environment is the best economic CNC Lathe work environment?
1, the choice of economic CNC Lathe location
The choice of economic CNC Lathe location away from the fire source, vibration source, to avoid prolonged refraction of the sun, so as to avoid the impact of ultraviolet light. The entire environment to dry and ventilated, economical CNC Lathe can not work in a humid environment, otherwise it will cause high-precision CNC Lathe wire and plug wet, resulting in leakage, resulting in security risks.
2, economic CNC Lathe working temperature
Economical CNC Lathe work in the plant environment can not be higher than 40 degrees, economic CNC Lathe plant is best equipped with air conditioning, cold or fan of electrical appliances, to keep the plant ventilation, because the temperature is too high will affect the other components The length of life, high temperature will occur many failures.
The use of economic CNC Lathe (such as temperature, humidity, vibration, power supply voltage, frequency and interference, etc.) will affect the normal operation of the machine, so the installation of economic CNC Lathe should be strictly required to meet the machine instructions specified installation conditions And requirements. Under the conditions of economic conditions, economic CNC Lathe should be isolated from ordinary mechanical processing equipment for easy maintenance and repair.
CNC CNC Lathe equipped with CNC system programming, operation and maintenance of specialized personnel: these personnel should be familiar with the mechanical parts of the machine, CNC system, strong electrical equipment, hydraulic, air pressure and other parts of the use of the environment, processing conditions, And the requirements of the system using the correct use of economic CNC Lathe. Long-term use of economic CNC Lathe maintenance and maintenance: in the CNC Lathe idle when not in time should be locked in the machine lock, so that the air run. In the air humidity of the larger moldy season should be energized every day, the use of electrical components itself heat drive away the moisture inside the control cabinet to ensure that the economic performance of CNC Lathe electronic components stable and reliable.
Economical CNC Lathe is the trend of high-quality, high-precision, high-yield and high-power development. Economical CNC Lathe is China from the general lathe to the CNC Lathe to carry out and its important steps. The use of existing general lathe, its numerical control transformation is a low-cost, high-efficiency path.
CNC Lathe is mainly applied to: precision grinding single row, double row cylindrical and tapered roller bearing inner ring raceway; CNC Lathe can also be used for grinding all kinds of bearing diameter positioning with the surface. CNC bearing grinding machine operating procedures to ensure the safe operation of CNC Lathe is one of the important measures, the operator must follow the operating procedures. CNC Lathe problems, CNC Lathe operators should pay attention to save the scene, and to the workers to clarify the situation before and after the situation, CNC Lathe to facilitate analysis, diagnosed the cause of the problem, timely cleaning.
CNC Lathe is a commonly used equipment in the workshop, in order to improve the life of CNC Lathe, usually need to prevent the direct sunlight and other heat radiation, to prevent too wet, too much dust or corrosive gas sites. Corrosive gas is easy to make corrosion of electronic components, the formation of poor contact or short circuit between components, affecting the normal operation of equipment. Fine CNC equipment to stay away from the oscillation of large equipment, such as punch, forging equipment. CNC Lathe in order to prevent the power swing amplitude (greater than ± 10%) and the ability to instantaneous disturbance signal and other effects, CNC Lathe are usually selected green power (such as from the low-voltage distribution room all the way for the use of CNC machine tools) or additional voltage regulator equipment Etc., can reduce the impact of power supply quality and electrical disturbances.