Learn The Best Working Environment For Economical Horizontal Lathe

- Aug 28, 2017-

Learn the best working environment for economical Horizontal Lathe
The economical Horizontal Lathe is now the necessary equipment for industrial production, and it is also one of the necessary equipment to carry out the mechanical production together. The economical Horizontal Lathe is intended to be able to greatly add the scope of the application, The degree of promotion of industrial production, the power of progress work. Since the skills of China's Horizontal Lathe to the era of sophistication in the future, all areas began to focus on the wide range of Horizontal Lathe. Economical Horizontal Lathe in the course of work, only have the best working environment and production conditions, in order to rationally play the role of high-precision Horizontal Lathe, improve the performance of economic Horizontal Lathe. So, for an economical Horizontal Lathe, what kind of environment is the best working environment for economical Horizontal Lathe?
1, the choice of economic Horizontal Lathe location
The choice of economic Horizontal Lathe position away from the fire source, vibration source, to avoid prolonged refraction of the sun, so as to avoid the impact of ultraviolet light. The whole environment to dry and ventilated, economical Horizontal Lathe can not work in the wet environment, otherwise it will cause high-precision Horizontal Lathe wire and plug wet, resulting in leakage, resulting in security risks.
2, the economic Horizontal Lathe working temperature
Economical Horizontal Lathe work of the plant environment can not be higher than 40 degrees, economic Horizontal Lathe plant interior is best equipped with air conditioning, cold or fan of electrical appliances, to keep the plant ventilation, because the temperature is too high will affect Other components of the length of life, high temperature will occur many failures.
The use of economical Horizontal Lathe (such as temperature, humidity, vibration, power supply voltage, frequency and interference, etc.) will affect the normal operation of the machine, so the installation of economic Horizontal Lathe should be strictly required to meet the machine specifications Installation conditions and requirements. Under the conditions of economic conditions permit, the economic Horizontal Lathe should be isolated from ordinary mechanical processing equipment installed for maintenance and repair.
Economical Horizontal Lathe equipped with CNC system programming, operation and maintenance of specialized personnel: these personnel should be familiar with the mechanical parts of the machine, CNC system, strong electrical equipment, hydraulic, air pressure and other parts of the use of the environment, processing conditions, Machine tools and system requirements for the use of the correct use of economic Horizontal Lathe. Long-term use of economic Horizontal Lathe maintenance and maintenance: in the Horizontal Lathe idle when not in time should be locked in the machine in the machine, so that the air run. In the air humidity of the larger rainy season should be energized every day, the use of electrical components itself heat drive away the moisture inside the control cabinet to ensure that the economic Horizontal Lathe electronic components stable and reliable performance.
Economical Horizontal Lathe is the trend of high-quality, high-precision, high-yield and high-power development. Economical Horizontal Lathe is China from the general lathe to the Horizontal Lathe to carry out and its important steps. The use of existing general lathe, its numerical control transformation is a low-cost, high efficiency path.
Horizontal Lathe is affordable, Horizontal Lathe is the working principle is to process the various operations required (such as the spindle speed, the workpiece release and clamping, infeed and retreat, driving and parking, automatic shutdown cooling Liquid and the steps and the shape and size of the workpiece are represented by digitized code. The digital information is sent to the numerical control device through a control medium such as a perforated tape or a magnetic disk. The numerical control device processes and inputs the input information and sends various controls Signal, control the machine's servo system or other drive components, so that the machine automatically processing the required workpiece. Therefore, the Horizontal Lathe cheap, Horizontal Lathe processing is the key to processing data and process parameters to obtain, that is, NC programming. Horizontal Lathe set of microelectronics technology, computer technology, automatic control technology and servo drive technology, precision machinery technology in one, is a high degree of mechanical and electrical integration of the typical product.