How To Choose A Reasonable Amount Of CNC Lathe Processing

How to choose a reasonable amount of CNC Lathe processing
Reasonable choice of CNC Lathe processing volume, and machine tools, tools, workpieces and technology and other factors have a great relationship, CNC Lathe manufacturers to tell you how to choose a reasonable amount of processing.
If the rough processing, you need to ensure a higher production efficiency, CNC Lathe manufacturers recommend the choice of a larger amount of kneading knife a, to ensure a larger feed, cutting speed U can choose low speed. And finishing, you need to ensure the size of the parts and surface accuracy, manufacturers recommend the choice of a smaller amount of back to eat knife ap, to ensure a smaller feed, cutting speed U can choose a higher speed.
In addition, the CNC Lathe roughing, the general should give full play to the potential of the machine and cutting tool cutting capacity. If it is semi-finishing and finishing, should focus on how to ensure the quality of processing and improve production efficiency. When selecting the amount of cutting, make sure that the tool can complete a part or ensure that the tool's durability is not less than one working class, at least half of the work class time.
 CNC Lathe is the most commonly used equipment in the workpiece processing, the processing of high efficiency, good quality, so many users, but CNC Lathe manufacturers to remind you, in order to normal use of CNC Lathes, you have to meet the following conditions of use.
On the environmental side, the location of CNC Lathe away from the vibration source, to prevent direct sunlight and heat radiation, but also to prevent the machine by the impact of wet air. For the location of the vicinity of the vibration source, manufacturers can be set around the machine anti-vibration ditch.
In the power, because most of the processing plant temperature changes, the use of conditions are poor, coupled with a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, resulting in large fluctuations in the grid. Therefore, the location of the installation of CNC Lathe to strictly control the power supply to ensure that the power supply voltage fluctuation within the allowable range, and maintain a relatively stable.
Finally, the temperature conditions, CNC Lathe manufacturers recommend that you use the ambient temperature below 30 degrees Celsius, the relative temperature of less than 80%. CNC electric control box inside the exhaust fan or chillers, which can keep the electronic component temperature is constant or small temperature difference, the temperature is too high will lead to lower control components and more failure, but also easily lead to short circuit problems, so the processing should be strict control.
 CNC Lathe manufacturers with many years of production experience, to remind you in the choice of tools on the lathe, should pay attention to five aspects of the content.
First, the CNC Lathe on the tool, precision and specifications to meet the CNC Lathe processing requirements;
Second, high precision. CNC Lathe manufacturers of high precision machining requirements of the purpose is to meet the CNC Lathe processing of high precision and automatic tool change and other requirements;
Third, high reliability. To ensure that the process does not occur during the tool damage and potential defects affect the smooth progress of processing, in the choice of tools required when the tool and the combination of accessories with good reliability and strong adaptability;
Fourth, high durability. In the case of finishing or roughing, the tool on the lathe should have a higher degree of durability than the tool used in an ordinary lathe in order to reduce the number of times to replace or drill the tool and the knife, so that the machining of the CNC Lathe Efficiency and guarantee the quality of the workpiece.
Fifth, chip breaking and chip performance is good. In the CNC Lathe processing, chip breaking and chip removal can not be dealt with in a timely manner, and the chip is easy to wrap around the tool and the workpiece, thus damage the tool, scratched the surface of the workpiece has been processed, serious injuries and equipment accidents, Affect the quality of processing and safe operation of the machine, so the choice of tools to pay attention to its good chip breaking and chip performance.

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