Horizontal Lathe Where The Price Is High

- Oct 18, 2017-

Horizontal Lathe where the price is high
It is well known that Horizontal Lathes are present in ordinary lathes and are upgraded on the basis of ordinary lathes and are quickly determined by the market. The price of natural Horizontal Lathes is also higher than that of ordinary ones, but there are some reason.
The so-called, value for money, since the Horizontal Lathe high prices, naturally there is a high reason - Horizontal Lathe relative to ordinary lathes, in precision, efficiency, pass rate and other aspects of the absolute advantage.
First, the advantages of mass production efficiency
An ordinary lathe requires a skilled operator. As a result of the use of manual three-jaw chuck, and measurement must be stopped after manual measurement, processing efficiency is low.
In the case of mass production, the use of hydraulic chuck or spring chuck clamping the workpiece under the premise of a skilled worker can at least operate two Horizontal Lathe at the same time. Production efficiency is more than 4 times the use of ordinary lathe.
Second, the pass rate advantage
Ordinary lathe As a result of manual operation, man-made impact is very large, once the operator's physical condition is not good or thinking is not concentrated, product scrap rate will rise sharply.
Horizontal Lathe basically rely on equipment to ensure the processing accuracy, the operator only play the role of the workpiece and the switch, the human impact is very small, so the product pass rate is relatively high, that is, such a high efficiency, high precision requires technology, Capital investment, it will cause the phenomenon of high prices of Horizontal Lathe.
Third, the accuracy of the advantages
Horizontal Lathe driven by the drive motor ball screw drive. Ball screw through the pre-stretch after the installation of the amount of interference, transmission without gaps, the accuracy depends mainly on the machine itself and procedures to ensure. In the process of processing can be measured by the encoder position, you can compensate for tool wear and other causes of the error. So the processing quality is good, the accuracy is stable.
However, ordinary lathe by gear and ordinary screw nut drive. Due to the existence of the gap between the movement, coupled with manual operation is not accurate, so repeat the lower accuracy. Ordinary lathe measurement to be stopped after manual measurement, measurement error.
Another high price of Horizontal Lathe is also a high cost of its procurement and the current single-stage horizontal machining costs higher:
The same specifications of the Horizontal Lathe price is more than 1.5 times the average lathe. The current Horizontal Lathe than ordinary lathe single piece of the production cost of the high cost of the facts. But if improved, Horizontal Lathe in the cost of production and efficiency will be better than ordinary lathe.
Economic Horizontal Lathe as the strategic equipment of national defense industry, is the most important means of manufacturing weapons and equipment, is an important guarantee for the modernization of national defense and military equipment. Driven by market demand, China's CNC machine tool industry, strong demand will remain high growth, the domestic demand for high-end machine tools gradually more than low-end machine, the average annual compound growth rate of 37.4%. CNC machine tools have become the mainstream of machine tool consumption, the rapid growth of CNC machine tools to bring the huge demand for CNC system.
In summary, Horizontal Lathe prices are high, while its use efficiency is also high, and in the continuous development of technology, Horizontal Lathe prices are constantly optimized, more in line with consumer demand.