Horizontal Lathe Prices Correctly Analyze The Economic Rationality Of Their Use

Horizontal Lathe prices correctly analyze the economic rationality of their use
Horizontal Lathe price factors are many, to introduce you to the Horizontal Lathe prices different factors, the purchase of Horizontal Lathe or to choose to have many years of brand production enterprises, technical experience, improve after-sales service. Horizontal Lathe by stepper motor drive ball screw drive, as the ball screw can have the amount of interference, transmission without gaps, the accuracy depends mainly on the machine itself and procedures to ensure. In the processing process can be automatically measured, and can automatically compensate for tool wear and other causes of the error. So the processing quality is good, the accuracy is stable. You can also use the programming method of car out the shape of complex, ordinary lathe difficult to process parts. Suitable for high precision, large batch, complex shape of the parts. Horizontal Lathe prices and his maintenance costs higher than ordinary lathes.
Horizontal Lathe reliable, CNC machine tools have the following three prominent features:
Horizontal Lathe using binary mathematical input, the process can be any programming, spindle and feed speed can be changed according to the processing technology, Horizontal Lathe and can achieve multi-coordinate linkage, easy to process miscellaneous surface. For the processing of objects with "variable, changeable, fickle" characteristics, for batch adjustment easy, Horizontal Lathe can be miscellaneous pieces of small and medium number of flexible production, to adapt to the needs of the community diversification of products. Horizontal Lathe prices need to correctly analyze the economic rationality of their use;
Horizontal Lathe with hardware and software combination, to achieve information feedback, compensation, automatic acceleration and deceleration and other functions, Horizontal Lathe can further improve the machining accuracy, efficiency, degree of automation;
Horizontal Lathe is the electronic control of the mechanical and electrical integration machine, give full play to the microelectronics, computer technology unique advantages, easy to achieve information, intelligent, network, can easily form a variety of advanced manufacturing systems, The lathe can maximize industrial productivity and labor productivity.
As high-tech talent is becoming increasingly scarce, new companies are now using Horizontal Lathes to increase productivity and product quality and reduce scrap rates and costs.
Double spindle Horizontal Lathe for the machine, electricity, liquid integrated design. The double spindle Horizontal Lathe adopts the horizontal 60 ┬░ inclined bed rail form, which has the advantages of compact structure, advanced layout reasonable, good chip removal performance and convenient operation, and easy configuration of industrial robots, double spindle Horizontal Lathe for automatic and Unmanned production provides convenience. Dual-spindle Horizontal Lathe inside and outside the use of a fully enclosed frame structure, a good solution to the three anti-problems (anti-coolant, oil and iron), but also to double spindle Horizontal Lathe maintenance provides a larger space And flexibility. Double spindle vertical lathe host part mainly by the bed, the left spindle box, the right spindle box, bed saddle, vertical, cutter, motor and chuck cylinder device and other components. Dual spindle Horizontal Lathe with dual spindle and powerful milling spindle, equipped with a strong capacity of the processing center knife library, and 12 power knife knife position, while using a high dynamic linear motor technology and three-dimensional automatic programming software, can easily Complete the complex workpiece of the six-sided high-precision full set of processing.
Double spindle Horizontal Lathe for the horizontal double spindle Horizontal Lathe, using three-axis control. After the left spindle has been machined, the right spindle automatically completes the clamping of the machined parts to meet the turning of the machined parts of the machine, thus achieving complete turning of the parts. Double spindle Horizontal Lathe for automotive, chemical, mechanical and electrical, aerospace and other industry parts processing. Double spindle Horizontal Lathe for a variety of parts and shaft parts for a variety of surface, face and thread turning. To achieve a workpiece clamping process, that is, to achieve a machine function integration, dual spindle Horizontal Lathe machine to become a true sense of the high-speed and efficient CNC machine tools.
Double spindle Horizontal Lathe features a compact and reasonable layout, the appearance of pleasant shape, full-featured, chip removal convenient, three anti-effect is good, double spindle Horizontal Lathe console with rotary structure, simple operation, safe. Double spindle Horizontal Lathe in the design and manufacture to overcome the following key technologies. The production site test and the actual operation of the test proved that dual-spindle Horizontal Lathe reliable and stable performance, fully meet user requirements, users get praise. Double spindle Horizontal Lathe reduces parts turnover, processing a finished part of the efficiency of single-shaft Horizontal Lathe is about 1.5 times, and double spindle Horizontal Lathe covers an area of less than two single-axis Horizontal Lathe two One point, significant economic benefits. The successful development of double spindle Horizontal Lathe is not only for the domestic key industries to provide a new type of efficient processing equipment also enhance the market competitiveness of products.

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