Horizontal Lathe Characteristics

- May 25, 2017-

Horizontal lathe characteristics

  1. Horizontal lathe bed, bed feet, oil pan, etc. using the overall casting structure, high rigidity, good shock resistance, in line with the characteristics of high-speed cutting machine.

  2. Bedside box with three support structure, three bearings are tapered roller bearings, spindle adjustment is convenient, high precision rotation, good precision to maintain.

  3. Feeding box is equipped with male screw thread conversion mechanism, the choice of thread type conversion is convenient and reliable.

  4. Slide box with a tapered clutch safety device to prevent automatic damage to the workpiece after the overload.

  5. The machine tool is equipped with four-station automatic feed mechanical stopper device. The length of the cam can be adjusted by adjusting the longitudinal position of the cam on the stop lever, and the length of the workpiece can be set.

  6. The tailstock is equipped with a gearbox to meet the needs of drilling and reaming.

  7. Horizontal lathe lubrication system design is reasonable and reliable, front box, feed box, slide box are used in the body splash lubrication, and additional line pump, piston pump for special parts of the automatic forced lubrication.

  Horizontal lathe parts

  (1) The gearbox is used to change the speed of the spindle. Mainly by the drive shaft and variable speed gear. By changing the position of the gear or clutch by manipulating the shift handle outside the gearbox and the spindle housing, the spindle can be made 12 different speeds. The reversal of the spindle is achieved by reversing the motor.

  (2) Spindle box The spindle box is used to support the spindle and rotate it at various speeds. The spindle is hollow and easy to pass through the long workpiece. The front end of the spindle can be used to install the tip of the spindle, The conical surface mounts the chuck and dial to fit the workpiece.

  (3) Hanging wheel box The wheel is used to match the gears of different teeth to get different feeds. Mainly used for turning different types of threads.

  (4) Feeder The feed box is used to change the feedrate. The spindle is moved into the feed box by the carriage box, and by changing the engagement position of the sliding gear in the feed box by moving the shift handle, the light rod or screw can obtain different speed.

  (5) Slide box The slip box is used to change the rotation of the light bar and the screw into the automatic feed movement of the tool holder. The light bar is used for general turning, and the screw is used only for the thread. The interlocking mechanism is provided in the slide box so that both can not be used at the same time.

  (6) The knife holder is used to hold the turning tool and move it in portrait, horizontal or diagonal direction. It consists of the following parts:

  1) bed saddle. It is connected to the slide box and can be moved longitudinally along the bed guide with a transverse guide rail.

  2) in the skateboard. Can be along the saddle on the guide rail for lateral movement.

  3) turntable. It with the skateboard with a screw fastening, loosen the screw can be in the horizontal plane to pull any angle.

  4) Horizontal Lathe small skateboard. It can be along the turntable above the track for short distance movement; when the turntable deflected several angles, the small skateboard can be diagonal feed, so that the car cone.

  5) square knife holder it is fixed on the small skateboard, can be simultaneously loaded four turning; release the locking handle, you can turn the knife knife, the need to replace the turning tool to the working position.

  1-top 2-sleeve locking handle 3-top sleeve 4-screw 5-nut 6-tailstock locking handle 7-handwheel 8-tailstock 9-base

  7) tailstock tailstock for the installation of the top to support the workpiece, or install the drill, reamer and other tools for hole processing. Tailstock structure shown in Figure 3, it is mainly by the sleeve, tail base, base and other parts. Turn the hand wheel, adjust the sleeve telescopic a certain distance, and the tailstock can also be moved along the bed guide to the desired position to meet the requirements of different workpiece processing.

  8) The bed is fixed on the bed leg, the bed is the basic support of the horizontal lathe, the function of the bed is to support the main components and make them in the work to maintain accurate relative position.

  9) screw lead screw can drive the main carriage for vertical movement, used to turn the thread. Screw is a horizontal lathe in one of the main precision parts, generally do not automatically feed the screw, so long to maintain the accuracy of the screw.

  10) Horizontal Lathe Light bar light bar for motorized feed movement. Through the light bar can be the movement of the feed box to the slide box, so that the tool holder for vertical or horizontal feed movement.

  11) joystick joystick is a horizontal lathe control mechanism, in the left side of the joystick and the right side of the tray box with a handle, the operator can easily manipulate the handle to control the horizontal lathe spindle forward, reverse or parking.