Education Lathe Processing When The Size Of The Workpiece When The Big Should Be How To Solve?

Education Lathe processing when the size of the workpiece when the big should be how to solve?
 Education Lathe processing is a high-tech processing of precision metal parts. It can process all kinds of materials, such as 316,304 stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, alloy aluminum, zinc alloy, titanium alloy, copper, iron, plastic, acrylic, POM, UHWM and other raw materials, Of the complex structure of the parts.
Education Lathe processing of high efficiency and accuracy, is now the most commonly used method of processing one of the ways, but it is not completely without defects, Education Lathe manufacturers for you to solve the size of the workpiece when the small fault.
In the process of processing the lathe processing of the workpiece, the drive phase lamp is normal, but the size of the workpiece appears to be large and small, of which the reasons are more. Machine tool towers for a long time for high-speed operation, resulting in screw and bearing wear is one of the reasons; re-positioning accuracy of the knife because of long-term use is also a reason for the deviation; spindle high-speed rotation of the bearing wear serious Although the carriage can return to the starting point, but the size of the workpiece will still change.
In response to this problem, Education Lathe manufacturers to propose specific solutions. The dial indicator can be used to check the repeated positioning accuracy of the knife, adjust the mechanical Or replace the tool holder; dial indicator to detect whether the workpiece after the correct return to the beginning of the program, if you can, then repair the spindle, replace the bearings.
The use of educational lathe environment (such as temperature, humidity, vibration, power supply voltage, frequency and interference, etc.) will affect the normal operation of the machine, so the installation of machine tools should be strictly required to meet the machine instructions specified installation conditions and requirements. Under the conditions of economic conditions, the educational lathe should be isolated from the ordinary mechanical processing equipment for easy maintenance and repair.
Should be equipped with CNC lathe programming, operation and maintenance of specialized personnel: these personnel should be familiar with the mechanical parts of the machine, CNC system, strong electrical equipment, hydraulic, air pressure and other parts of the use of the environment, processing conditions, And the requirements of the system manual use the correct use of educational lathe. Long time do not have to educate the maintenance and maintenance of the lathe: When the educational lathe is idle, should always be in the machine lock in the machine, so that the air run. In the air humidity of the larger moldy season should be energized every day, the use of electrical components itself heat drive away the moisture inside the control cabinet to ensure the stability of electronic components and reliable.
Education Lathe is now the necessary equipment for industrial production, is also one of the necessary equipment, the mechanical production together, the use of educational lathe is intended to greatly increase the scope of use, and to a certain extent, promote industrial production , The power of progressive work. Since the skills of Chinese educational lathe to the era of sophistication in the future, all areas began to focus on the Education Lathe.
CNC machining is the trend of high-quality, high-precision, high-yield and high-power development. Economic Education Lathe is China from the general lathe to the educational lathe and its important steps. The use of existing general lathe, its numerical control transformation is a low-cost, high efficiency path.
Under normal circumstances the user to purchase the educational lathe, is to be able to some parts for processing, it can be said that the actual effect of its performance is much higher than its appearance in the appearance of the performance, if it is a general small processing market , Then the performance of the appearance of the lathe is not need to do too much attention, as long as the actual application of the performance of the outstanding performance on it, but for some of the scale of the enterprise, it is not the case, the enterprise has a certain size Then in the use of such categories when the product will not use one, two, but dozens or even more in the same workshop to use, in order to facilitate the management of the appearance of cleanliness requirements more, it is We must pay attention to the problem, so for the lattice has some color and appearance of the performance of large-scale equipment processing enterprises are necessary to be concerned about.

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