Conventional Lathe Taper Ruler, Halogen Lamp, Digital Display

1. Taper Ruler

Taper ruler is used for processing cone, such as Morses taper, cone thread and so on.Taper ruler have dimension, we can separate middle plate and plate screw when it is used.After that connecting taper ruler.we can select scale according to the required.So keeping middle plate feed and big plate feed strict conformity.


Taper ruler mounted on a side


2. Halogen Lamp



Halogen Bulb

The biggest difference between Halogen bulb and  incandescent bulb  is that the glass shell of halogen bulb filled with a gas of halogen elements(iodine or bromine usually)

3. Digital Display

Generally speaking, conventional lathe has two feed axes,they are x axis and z axis, under 5 meters travel of z axis can choose digital display.The purpose of digital display is that how many scales of saddle or knife rest  are read exactly,but it cant control feeding.


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