Brief Introduction of Quick ChangeTurret on Conventional Lathe

       We will introduce to you kinds of common fast exchange turrets

The following is an example of our fast change turret supplier“Weihai island”

       I、40 position quick change turretGerman type, for Asia and Europe


           five-piece set 40 position carriage
            Each set contains:1 turret body3 D-type chuckturning clampand 1 B-type turretboring turret)。


                   40 position turret body                                           D-type turning turret


               B-type boring and turning turret                            S-type drilling and turning turret


                       A type cutting turret                                          L-type Morse taper reduction sleeve

             II Plunger and wedge type quick-change tool holder (American, for North America)


                      Plunger type turret body                                    wedge type turret body


                    Turning chuck                                                      turning and boring chuck


                   Power turning chuck                                              cutting tool chuck


                    Knurled cutting tool chuck                                    Morse taper bore tool chuck not available


           (including 1 plunge type quick change turret body and 5 tool chuck each set)



            Set of wedge-type quick-change turret

               (each set includes 1 plunge type quick change turret body and 5 tool chuck )


IIIdouble V positioning quick change turretItalian, for Asia and Europe

three tool clamps install 2 tool chuck at the same time


Complete set of double V positioning quick change turret

(Each set includes a wedge-shaped quick-change holder body and three tool chuck)            

图片18   图片19    图片20    图片21

     501 turret body        502 turning tool chuck   503 boring tool chuck    504 Morse tool chuck

 IVMini quick change turret

图片22             图片23  图片24    图片25

MD15turret body     MD15-1turning tool chuck  MD15-2turning and boring  MD15-4boring tool chuck

图片26           图片27

MD15-6composite chuck                       MD15-7 cutting tool chuck

Complete set of MD15 quick change turret

(Each set includes a wedge-shaped quick-change turret body and three tool chucks)


The selection of the model of the quick-change turret is related to the rotation diameter of the conventional lathe. Please attach the model of the machine , preferably the size of the tool, so as not to match the size of the tool chuck.


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