CNC Vertical Lathe Is The Focus Of The Future Development Of CNC Machine Tools

- Sep 18, 2017-

CNC Vertical Lathe is the focus of the future development of CNC machine tools
CNC Vertical Lathe is the core function of CNC machine tools, widely used in CNC machine tools, resulting in a huge economic benefits. CNC Vertical Lathe widely used, well adapted to China's CNC machine tools high-speed processing, rapid response needs. The future of China's machine tool consumption structure will be further upgraded, high and mid-range CNC machine tools complete sets of equipment demand will continue to increase, while the demand for ordinary and small and medium-sized machine tool growth will slow down significantly, the market situation requires CNC Vertical Lathe manufacturing enterprises to speed up Adjustment of product structure. CNC Vertical Lathe its high speed, high precision, high efficiency is still the high performance of CNC machine tools to ensure that the future development of CNC machine tools focus on the field.
In the CNC Vertical Lathe high-performance machine tool spindle is to meet the processing accuracy and processing efficiency under the premise of speed, accuracy, stiffness, power, torque matching characteristics, high reliability, high cost performance of the machine tool spindle. CNC Vertical Lathe is mainly used for grinding bearing ring hole, roller bearing outer ring raceway and roller bearing outer ring raceway ribs. CNC Vertical Lathe is a multi-purpose production machine. CNC Vertical Lathe The entire grinding cycle is completed automatically, including automatic feed, automatic grinding wheel, automatic compensation, automatic control size, the operator only need to manually loading and unloading. CNC Vertical Lathe is suitable for single-piece production, CNC bearing grinder is also suitable for a large number of large-scale production.
CNC Vertical Lathe is mainly applied to: precision grinding single row, double row cylindrical and tapered roller bearing inner ring raceway; CNC Vertical Lathe can also be used to grind all kinds of bearing diameter positioning with the surface. CNC bearing grinding machine operating procedures is to ensure the safe operation of CNC Vertical Lathe one of the important measures, the operator must operate according to operating procedures. CNC Vertical Lathe problems, CNC Vertical Lathe operators should pay attention to save the scene, and to the practitioner to clarify the situation before and after the show, CNC Vertical Lathe to facilitate analysis, diagnosed the cause of the problem, timely removal.
CNC Vertical Lathe is a commonly used equipment in the workshop, in order to improve the life of CNC Vertical Lathe, usually need to prevent the direct sunlight and other heat radiation, to prevent too wet, too much dust or corrosive gas sites. Corrosive gas is easy to make corrosion of electronic components, the formation of poor contact or short circuit between components, affecting the normal operation of equipment. Fine CNC equipment to stay away from the oscillation of large equipment, such as punch, forging equipment. CNC Vertical Lathe In order to prevent the power swing amplitude (greater than ± 10%) and the ability to instantaneous disturbance signal, etc., CNC Vertical Lathe is usually selected green power supply (such as from the low-voltage distribution room separately for CNC machine tools) or Additional voltage regulator equipment, etc., can reduce the impact of power supply quality and electrical disturbances.
CNC Vertical Lathe using binary mathematical input, the process can be any programming, spindle and feed speed can be changed according to the processing technology, CNC Vertical Lathe and can achieve multi-coordinate linkage, easy to process miscellaneous surface. For the processing of objects with "variable, changeable, fickle" characteristics, for batch adjustment is convenient, CNC Vertical Lathe can achieve miscellaneous pieces of small and medium number of flexible production, to adapt to the needs of the community diversification of products. CNC Vertical Lathe prices need to correctly analyze the economic rationality of their use;
CNC Vertical Lathe with hardware and software combination, to achieve information feedback, compensation, automatic acceleration and deceleration and other functions, CNC Vertical Lathe can further improve the machining accuracy, efficiency, degree of automation;
CNC Vertical Lathe is based on electronic control of the mechanical and electrical integration machine, give full play to the microelectronics, computer technology unique advantages, easy to achieve information, intelligent, network, can easily form a variety of advanced manufacturing systems, CNC Vertical Lathes can maximize industrial productivity and labor productivity.