CNC Lathes Of Various Types Of Tool Material Characteristics And Uses

- Jun 28, 2017-

CNC Lathes of various types of tool material characteristics and uses
CNC Lathe tool cutting part of the material a lot of metal materials and non-metallic materials, and can be summarized as tool steel, carbide, ceramic and superhard materials four categories.
The current cutting part of the commonly used materials are high-speed tool steel and hard alloy.
1. High speed tool steel. Tool steel is divided into carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel and high speed tool steel. Carbon tool steel refers to the carbon content (mass fraction) of 0.65% ~ 1.35% of high-quality high-carbon steel, such as TIOA and T12A and so on. In the carbon tool steel and then add the right amount of alloying elements such as manganese, chromium, tungsten, silicon and vanadium, said alloy tool steel, such as 9SiCr, GCr15, CrWMn and so on. They are higher after heat treatment, generally up to 60 a 65HRC, but because the tempering temperature is low, when the cutting temperature exceeds its tempering temperature, the material within the microstructure phase change, so that the hardness decreased significantly , Their heat-resistant temperatures are below 400 ° C. So it is mainly used in the manufacture of some low-speed manual cutting tools, such as hand tap, tooth, etc., CNC Lathe has now been applied less, all of the following only widely used high-speed tool steel.
High-speed tool steel is added in the carbon steel tungsten, molybdenum, chromium, vanadium and other alloying elements, it is compared with the carbon tool steel and alloy tool steel, can increase the cutting speed of 1-3 times, For high-speed tool steel, referred to as high-speed steel.
(1) mechanical properties of high speed steel. High-speed steel is a high-alloy steel with more comprehensive elements such as tungsten (W), molybdenum (Mo), chromium (Cr) and vanadium (v). Its main feature is a high hardness (hardness after quenching 63 ~ 70HRC), strength and wear resistance, high heat resistance (540.C a 600 ℃) and hardenability and better process performance, Easy to manufacture and sharpen.
High-speed steel is a comprehensive performance of the better tool material, after grinding, can get a sharp cutting edge, it is also known as "Feng Gang." As the CNC Lathe tool with high-speed steel manufacturing, and thus the cutting edge strength and toughness, it can withstand a larger impact load, so the current high-speed steel is still manufacturing tools, especially the manufacture of complex shapes more tools used tool.
High-speed steel according to its performance can be divided into ordinary high-speed steel and high-performance high-speed steel; according to its chemical composition points, can be divided into tungsten high-speed steel and tungsten molybdenum high-speed steel.
(2) the use of commonly used high-speed steel will be based on the characteristics of the brand high-speed steel and cost factors to determine their main use are also focused, are briefly described as follows:
1) W18Cr4V. Comprehensive performance, low cost, wide range of uses. Used for manufacturing finishing knives, milling cutters, drill bits, reamers, tap and other commonly used cutting tools.
2) W6M05C14V2. Strength and toughness is better, and more used in the manufacture of good thermoplastic and bear a greater impact and the structure of thin tools, such as rolling bits and so on.
3) W12Cr4V4Mo. Is a high vanadium high-speed steel, good wear resistance, suitable for cutting the tool wear large materials, such as high-strength steel, stainless steel and hard rubber and plastic.
4) W6M05Cr4V2AI. Is a high-speed steel containing aluminum, said 501 steel. For the manufacture of milling cutter, gear cutting tools and broach and other precision forming cutting tool, tool life is longer, about W18Cr4V l 5 times.
5) W10M04Cr4V3AI (5F6). Also is a high-speed steel containing aluminum, mechanical properties and 501 steel similar. Its outstanding feature is excellent wear resistance, tool life of W18 04V more than 2 times.
6) W2M09CI4VC08. Internationally rated grades M42 are cobalt-based superhard high-speed steels with high hardness at room temperature and high temperatures, suitable for processing high-strength heat-resistant steels, titanium alloy steels, austenitic stainless steels, and the like Grinding is good, suitable for the production of sophisticated and sophisticated tools. But the impact toughness is poor, not under the conditions of the impact of cutting work.