Attention To Detail And Safe Use Of CNC Lathe Power

- Jul 14, 2017-

Attention to detail and safe use of CNC Lathe power

Power supply is the energy support part of the normal operation of the system. The direct result of failure or failure is to cause the system to halt or destroy the whole system. In addition, the nc system partially runs the data, sets the data and the processing program and other general storage in the RAM memory, after the system is out of power, rely on the backup battery or lithium battery to maintain. Therefore, the downtime is longer, the power supply or storage device can cause the data loss, so that the system cannot run.

At the same time, due to the numerical control equipment is using a three-phase ac 380 v power supply, so security is important part of nc equipment installation work, based on the above reasons, power over the use of numerical control equipment has the following requirements:

One, the grid voltage fluctuation should be controlled between + 10% -- - 15%, and the power fluctuation is bigger, the quality is poor, also hide like this kind of high frequency pulse interference, and human factors (such as sudden switch power, etc.). During peak hours, for example, one hour or so during the day or before the end of the workday is usually very poor, or even up to 20 percent. Make the machine tool alarm but not normal work, and cause damage to the machine power system. It even leads to loss of data about parameters. This phenomenon has occurred in the machine tool equipment such as CNC processing center or turning center, and the frequency is higher and should be taken seriously.

It is suggested that the ac stabilized power supply system with automatic compensation and adjusting function is configured in the workshop of CNC Lathe. Single CNC Lathe can be configured independently with ac voltage stabilizer.

2. It is recommended that mechanical electrical equipment be connected to a single power source. If you need to use other power supply to some parts of the electrical equipment (e.g., electronic circuit, electromagnetic clutch), the power supply should be as much as possible from the component part of the device for mechanical and electrical equipment (such as transformers, transducers, etc.). For large, complex machines, including many machines that work together in a coordinated manner and occupy larger space, more than one power source may be required, which is determined by the configuration of the site power supply.

Unless the mechanical electrical equipment USES a plug/socket directly connected to the power source, it is recommended that the power line be connected directly to the power terminal of the power cut switch. If this is not done, the power line should be set up independently.

The handle of the power cut-off switch should be easily accessible and should be installed at 0.6m-1.9m in an easy operation position. The upper limit is recommended for 1.7 M. This can quickly cut off power and reduce losses and casualties in an emergency.

Three, numerical control equipment for the requirement of the compressed air supply system of CNC Lathe usually use a lot of pneumatic components, so the factory person they can clean, dry compressed air supply system network. Its flow and pressure should meet the requirements. The compressed air machine should be installed away from the CNC Lathe. According to the layout of the plant and the volume of air, the air supply system network should be considered for the installation of refrigerated air for coal, air filter, gas storage tank, safety valve and other equipment.

4. The numerical control equipment requires precise numerical control equipment for the working environment, and the requirements of constant temperature environment can be ensured only under constant temperature conditions to ensure the accuracy and processing of machine tools. The average type CNC Lathe has no specific requirements for room temperature, but a lot of practice shows that the failure rate of the nc system is greatly increased when room temperature is too high.

The humidity environment will reduce the reliability of CNC Lathe, especially in the humid environment of the acid gas, which will make the printed circuit board and the connector rust, and the electrical failure of the machine tool will increase. Therefore, some users in southern China have measures to deal with the humidity during the summer and rainy season.

1, the working environment temperature should be between 0-35 ℃, avoid for CNC Lathe direct sunlight, indoor should be equipped with good lighting equipment.

2. In order to improve the precision of the machining parts, reduce the thermal deformation of the machine tool. If there are conditions, the CNC Lathe can be installed in a relatively closed and air-conditioned facility.

3. The relative humidity of the working environment should be less than 75%. The CNC Lathe should be installed in the place far away from liquid spatter and prevent leakage of plant.

4. Avoid excessive dust and corrosive gas environment.