Application Of Laser Cutting In Sheet Metal Machining

- Nov 29, 2016-

Sheet metal processing and production: metal processing accounts for one-third of the world sheet metal processing, the wide range of applications, almost all walks of life. If the breakdown of sheet metal (sheet metal thickness below 6mm) cutting process, nothing more than laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, cutting plate machine, stamping and so on. This is the middle, laser cutting is the rise and flourished in recent years, in the field of sheet metal cutting, from the micron-thin plate to tens of millimeters thick plate, can be a perfect and effective cutting.

In a sense, laser cutting machine for sheet metal processing has brought a revolution. Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cutting is more understandable, easy to learn, and in the business needs of the processing effect, speed has an absolute advantage, so I believe in the future cutting mode selection, laser cutting machine will be the general trend.

So, laser cutting why so cattle? First to popular science and laser cutting technology related to some of the origins and principles. Laser technology is the twentieth century and atomic energy, semiconductor and computer, one of four major inventions, known as the "fastest knife", "the most accurate ruler", "the brightest light." But the technology until the twenty-first century to break through the original technical bottlenecks, and through laser technology and advanced equipment, combining the two, to promote the development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry. Laser technology has penetrated into the application of metal processing, steel, aerospace, automotive, medical equipment and other industries.