Analysis And Calculation Of Machining Location Error Of Horizontal Lathe

Analysis and Calculation of Machining Location Error of Horizontal Lathe

  Horizontal Lathe The so-called positioning error, is due to the positioning of the workpiece surface relative to the process of benchmarking position error. Because the position of the workpiece is fixed for a batch of workpieces, the position of the machined surface is constant relative to the positioning datum, so the positioning error is the maximum amount of change in the direction of the process in the machining dimension.
Horizontal Lathe brake device is mainly used for the process of stopping the car, used to overcome the spindle box of the moving parts of the rotation inertia to control the spindle to stop the rotation quickly to shorten the auxiliary time to the purpose of Horizontal Lathe installation brake.
Horizontal Lathes use brake brakes, mainly by the brake wheel, brake belt and lever composition. The brake wheel is a steel disc connected with the shaft spline, and the steel brake belt is fixed with a layer of steel mesh asbestos in the inner side to improve the friction coefficient, and one end is connected with the spindle box. One end is fixed to the upper end of the lever, Horizontal Lathe brake belt can be adjusted tight, directly release the brake belt and the spindle box connected to the spiral can be placed to adjust. CNC Horizontal Lathe adjustment appropriate circumstances, the spindle rotation, the brake belt can be released, but in the clutch is released, the Horizontal Lathe for the parking, the brake belt was tightening the brake wheel to achieve the spindle Quickly stop to reach the brake.
Correct maintenance of Horizontal Lathe is the operator or maintenance personnel, according to the Horizontal Lathe technical information and related start, lubrication, adjustment, corrosion, protection and other requirements and maintenance rules. It is a necessary requirement for the Horizontal Lathe to be used in a series of operations on Horizontal Lathes during use or idle.
Horizontal Lathe maintenance purposes: through maintenance, Horizontal Lathe can achieve "neat, clean, lubricated, safe," the four basic elements. Can make the tools, workpieces, accessories, etc. placed neatly, equipment parts and safety protection equipment is complete, complete line pipeline to avoid accidents. Horizontal Lathe appearance of the clean, the sliding surface, screw, rack and so no oil pollution, to ensure that all parts of the oil, oil leakage, leakage and other phenomena.
The normal Horizontal Lathe maintenance is very important to improve the working efficiency of the Horizontal Lathe and to extend the life of the Horizontal Lathe. Since the heavy duty Horizontal Lathe is so important for maintenance, the Mingtai Horizontal Lathe technical team gives us a brief description of how to maintain a heavy-duty Horizontal Lathe.
1, Horizontal Lathe maintenance is divided into routine maintenance and regular maintenance in two ways.
2, routine maintenance methods, including Horizontal Lathe dust dirt on the clean-up, after the completion of the work in time to cut the blood, chips and other dirt clean and so on.
3, regular maintenance generally refers to the maintenance workers in cooperation with the planning of a regular work. Including the removal of designated parts, cover, dust cover, etc., to clean, wipe and so on.
4, clean the guide rail and sliding surface, clear burr and scratches and so on.
5, check the parts of the gap, fastening is loose, the seal is intact and so on.
6, clear the oil, coolant replacement and electrical circuit inspection and installation.

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