An Analysis Of Trouble - Shooting Of Dimensional Instability In Education Lathe

- Aug 07, 2017-

An Analysis of Trouble - shooting of Dimensional Instability in Education Lathe
1, Education Lathe workpiece size is accurate, poor surface finish
Failure reasons: ① tool tip damage, not sharp; ② machine resonance, placement is not smooth; ③ Education Lathe crawling phenomenon; ④ processing technology is not good.
Solution: ① tool wear or damage is not sharp, then re-sharpening or choose a better tool to re-knife; ② education lathe resonance or placement is not smooth, adjust the level, lay the foundation, fixed smooth; The reasons for the trailer rail wear badly, screw ball wear or loose, the machine should pay attention to maintenance, after work should be cleaned wire, and timely add oil to reduce friction; ④ choose the workpiece for the processing of coolant, Other processing requirements of the case, try to use a higher spindle speed.
2, education lathe workpiece produces taper size of the first phenomenon
Failure reasons: ① the level of education lathe did not adjust well, a high and one low, resulting in uneven placement; ② turning long axis, the contribution of materials is relatively hard, knife knife is relatively deep, causing the knife phenomenon; ③ tailstock thimble and The spindle is not concentric.
Solution: ① use the level to adjust the level of the machine, lay a solid foundation, the machine fixed to improve its toughness; ② choose a reasonable process and the appropriate cutting feed to avoid the tool force to the knife; ③ adjust the tailstock.
3, the workpiece size and actual size difference of a few millimeters, or a certain significant changes in the axial
Failure reasons: ① fast positioning speed too fast, the drive and the motor reaction, however; ② long-term friction loss after the mechanical drag screw and bearing too tight stuck; ③ tool holder tool change is too loose, the lock is not tight; ④ edit the program error, head, tail did not echo or did not cancel the knife to fill the end; ⑤ system of electronic gear ratio or step angle set error.
Solution: ① Education Lathe fast positioning speed is too fast, then adjust the speed of GO, cutting acceleration and deceleration time and time to make the drive and motor in the rated operating frequency of normal work; ② in the machine tool wear after the drag plate, screw crane It is necessary to readjust the repair; ④ If the program is caused by the program, you must modify the program, in accordance with the requirements of the workpiece drawings to improve, select a reasonable processing technology, in accordance with the instructions required to write the correct procedures; ⑤ If the size is too large to check whether the system parameters set reasonable, Education Lathe Especially the electronic gear and step angle and other parameters are destroyed, this phenomenon can be measured by playing a dial indicator.
4, Education Lathe processing arc effect is not ideal, size is not in place
Failure reasons: ① vibration frequency overlap lead to resonance; ② processing technology; ③ parameter settings unreasonable, feed speed is too large, so that arc processing out of step; ④ screw gap caused by loose or screw caused by too tight Step; ⑤ timing belt wear.
Solution: ① find the parts that produce resonance, change its frequency, to avoid resonance; ② consider the workpiece material processing technology, a reasonable preparation procedures; ③ for stepper motor, processing rate F can not be set too large; ④ machine is installed firmly, Placed smoothly, the carriage is too tight after wear, the gap increases or turret loose; ⑤ replace the timing belt.
5, Education Lathe mass production, the occasional workpiece tolerance
Failure reasons: ① must carefully check the fixture, and taking into account the operator's operating methods, and the reliability of the clip, due to the size of the change caused by clamping, tooling must be improved to prevent workers to try to avoid false negligence; ② NC The system may be subject to external power fluctuations or interference generated automatically after the interference pulse, driven to drive the driver to accept unnecessary pulse drive motor take away or less go phenomenon,
Solution: understand the law, try to use some anti-jamming measures, such as: strong electric field interference of strong cable and weak signal signal line isolation, adding anti-interference absorption capacitor and shielded cable isolation, in addition, check the ground Whether to connect firmly, ground contact recently, take all anti-jamming measures to avoid system interference.