2021 Advanced Cutting Technology Summit Forum and The Second Cutting Tool Product Innovation award ceremony

- Mar 24, 2021-

With the progress of science and technology, there are dazzling advanced manufacturing technologies, but 80% of the metal parts processing and manufacturing still need to be finished by cutting. At present, cutting technology is developing towards the direction of digitization, intelligence and green, and cutting efficiency and cutting precision are gradually improving. The cutting process seems simple, but it is really wonderful. To achieve the optimization of cutting process, it is necessary to guarantee the performance of the tool, and to customize the solution according to different processing materials, specific parts or a certain industry.

At present, equipment manufacturing, aerospace, energy and other industries are developing rapidly, and a large number of difficult materials are used, and there are many special or high processing difficulties of parts, which poses a serious challenge to cutting technology. In order to solve these processing problems, the metal processing magazine of the Institute of mechanical industry information held the 2021 advanced cutting technology summit forum and the second award award ceremony of the second cutting tool product innovation award of the "golden front Award". The senior experts in various industries and professors of cutting tool technology research direction in colleges and universities were invited to make special reports and published the second cutting tool product creation ceremony of "Jinfeng Award" List of new awards.



Metal processing magazine, Information Research Institute of machinery industry

Forum time:

Afternoon, April 11, 2021

Forum location:

Kuntai Hotel Beijing (No.2, Qiyang Road, Wangjing, Chaoyang District, Beijing)

Forum content:

1. design, preparation and application of high efficiency cutting tools

   ——Chen Ming, Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University

2. application of advanced cutting tools in turbine industry

  ——Wu Tianming, director of the contact network of metal cutting and technology in the national turbine industry and former Vice Chief Technology Engineer of Shanghai Electric Power Plant Equipment Co., Ltd

3. application of advanced cutting tools in aerospace field

  ——Wanghuaqiao, Chief Technology Engineer of Hubei Sanjiang Aerospace Hongyang electromechanical Co., Ltd

4. digital processing leads the new development of the industry

  ——Shantevik kelaiman North Asia digital processing solution manager, Shan Guihua

5. development trend of cutting tools and overview of tool innovation products

  ——Liu Xianli, Dean and professor of mechanical power engineering college, Harbin University of Technology

6. the second cutting tool product innovation award award ceremony of "golden front Award"

Introduction to Speakers:

Chen Ming

Special Professor, second class professor, doctoral supervisor, director of manufacturing technology and equipment Automation Institute, Shanghai Leading Talent

He is currently a member of the international Abrasive Technology Committee, vice chairman of China machinery industry metal cutting tool technology association, vice chairman and Secretary General of China Advanced Cutting Technology Research Association, vice chairman of cutting Professional Committee of production engineering branch of China Society of mechanical engineering, member of the national tool Standardization Technical Committee and vice chairman of Shanghai Metal Cutting Technology Association. Preside over 100 projects such as national major science and technology projects. The achievements have successively won 7 awards such as the second prize of national science and technology progress and the first prize of mechanical industry science and Technology Award; 8 publications; over 50 national invention patents have been authorized; more than 120 doctors and masters have been trained and more than 500 academic papers have been published. The research work involves high-speed cutting, high efficiency grinding, advanced tools, super hard grinding wheel, intelligent manufacturing, ultra precision and fatigue resistant manufacturing.


Liu Xianli

Dean, professor and doctoral supervisor of mechanical power engineering college of Harbin University of Technology / Vice President of China machinery industry metal cutting tool Technology Association

Director of the National Joint Engineering Laboratory of high efficiency cutting and cutting tools, director of advanced processing technology and Intelligent Manufacturing Laboratory of Heilongjiang Province, director of modern manufacturing technology and Tool Development Institute of Harbin University of technology. The vice president of China Association of advanced metal cutting technology, director of Heilongjiang Cutting Tool Technology Association, Editorial Committee of Journal of mechanical engineering, editor of diamond and abrasive engineering, editor in chief of Journal of Harbin University of technology.


Wu Tianming

Director of the contact network of metal cutting and technology in the national turbine industry

Former and Deputy Chief Technology Engineer of steam turbine factory of Shanghai Electric Power Plant Equipment Co., Ltd

Director of the national contact network of metal cutting and technology in the steam turbine industry, and the former and vice chief technology engineer of steam turbine factory of Shanghai Electric Power Plant Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Electric Power Plant Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1953, and is the first turbine manufacturer in China. Covering an area of about 1 square kilometers, it has 1300 main equipment; there are 3200 employees, 20% of engineering and technical personnel and 39.3% of senior workers; SAIC mainly designs and manufactures thermal power turbine, nuclear power turbine and heavy gas turbine, and also produces other power machinery such as marine steam turbine and fan.


Overseas Chinese Wang

Researcher / general technology professional chief of Hubei Sanjiang Aerospace Hongyang electromechanical Co., Ltd., academic leader in advanced manufacturing field of Aerospace Science and technology group, winner of China Aerospace Fund Award

The main research direction is aircraft structure design and overall technology, material processing engineering, high-grade CNC machine tools and equipment, NC machining technology and tool and NC programming, mold design and manufacturing simulation simulation, etc. More than 20 papers have been published, more than 10 patents for invention include "a five coordinate machine tool comprehensive test pyramid type and its detection method", "domestic double column large vertical seven axis linkage NC laying and winding integrated forming equipment", etc., and wrote and published three books, such as "practical selection and Application guide of CNC machine tools".


Shan Guihua

Digital processing solution manager, North Asia, santvik

Engaged in the machining and metal cutting industry for nearly 20 years, has worked in the santvik group in technology, sales and management of a variety of positions. In the field of digital machining, through the deployment of process control system, the intelligent production line project of several listed companies is involved. It has unique opinions on the analysis and utilization of tool data and cutting process data.