SINO scale/SINO DRO KA series are of small friction, high sensitivity high measurement accuracy and long service life.It can greatly improve the machining accuracy and production efficiency.
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Model: KAseries

Common range: 420,470,520,820,870,920,970,1020

Accuracy: 0.005mm (another 0.001mm)

The length of shielding wire is about 3m (1 μ m reading head wire is about 1.8 meters, special for grinder)

Warranty period: 1 year

The grating ruler reading head adopts high quality imported bearing positioning and guidance, with small friction, high sensitivity and long service life.

The grating ruler adopts the precise reference grating as the measurement reference, which has high measurement accuracy. It is of practical significance for the transformation and precision of the machine tool which has lost its precision. Using grating digital display machine tool can greatly improve the machining accuracy and production efficiency.

The grating ruler adopts sealed structure with reliable performance and convenient installation, which is unmatched by any other digital display system.

Grating ruler measurement range: 20 mm-1000 mm, optional.

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