Horizontal Lathe

Horizontal Lathe

Horizontal Lathe CA61(2)50A/B Horizontal,swing over bed 500mm,with gap avalible,bed width 400mm

Product Details

Horizontal Lathe CA61(2)50A/B 

Horizontal Lathe CA61(2)50A/B series conventional lathe can undertake the turning of end face, inner and outer cylinder, conical surface and other rotating surfaces of various materials, and more accurately process various metric, inch, module and diametral pitch threads. In addition, drilling, reaming, pulling oil groove and other work can also be easily competent. After 18 precision tests before leaving the factory, the quality of machine tool is guaranteed.

Horizontal Lathe CA6150

Horizontal Lathe CA6150 1

Horizontal Lathe CA6150 2


Horizontal Lathe CA61(2)50A/B are based on "A" model. Bed is wider than ordinary lathe and has higher rigidity. Guide way surface is quenched in the middle class and is durable.

Novel appearance: the appearance design of machine tool integrates ergonomics concept into mature machine tool structure to enhance operation feel. Main sheet metal adopts striking red and gray stamping parts, and overall effect is beautiful.

Complete specifications: CA series products have complete specifications and various categories. Including straight bed lathe, saddle lathe and large diameter lathe.

Complete function and excellent performance: Horizontal Lathe CA61(2)50A/B is equipped with large diameter spindle front bearing, and compared with similar products, it has wider bed span, realizes higher structural rigidity, and makes the product performance reach a new height.    

*Spindle: through the diameter of 52mm and 80mm to expand the range of shaft processing

*Tailstock: tailstock with fast cam clamping device, high efficiency. There is a device to prevent the bit from rotating in the tailstock sleeve, which can avoid the damage to inner hole taper of tailstock sleeve due to bit rotation caused by misoperation, and effectively protect tailstock components

*Guide surface: using CNC super audio quenching, peripheral grinding, with high precision, good wear resistance and other advantages

*Headstock gearbox: the whole set is supported by high-precision double ball bearing, so as to ensure the accuracy and stability of spindle when it rotates at high speed.

*Chuck: metal three jaw chuck is the standard configuration of lathe, other chuck can be selected, which is conducive to clamping different regular objects, processing and rapid production

Configuration of Horizontal Lathe CA61(2)50A/B can be customized according to customer's choice

Horizontal Lathe CA6150 3

Horizontal Lathe CA6150 4


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