Heavy Duty Universal Lathe

Heavy Duty Universal Lathe

Heavy Duty Universal Lathe CW61100/CW61125,swing over bed 1000mm/1250mm,with gap availible,cutting length 1500-15000mm,bed width 755mm

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Heavy Duty Universal Lathe CW61100/CW61125

Heavy Duty Universal Lathe CW61100/CW61125 is a horizontal lathe which can process various types of workpieces such as shaft, disc, ring, etc. it is commonly used to process internal and external rotating surfaces, end faces and various internal and external threads of workpieces. It can also drill, ream, tap and knuckle with corresponding tools and accessories. General lathe is widely used in lathes, accounting for 65% of the total number of lathes. Because its spindle is placed horizontally, it is called horizontal lathe.

Heavy Duty Universal Lathe

Heavy Duty Universal Lathe 4


*Heavy Duty Universal Lathe CW61100/CW61125 bed adopts box type and inclined double box plate structure. Through multi-channel stress relief process, it has good rigidity and stable precision.

*The depth of medium frequency hardening hard layer of bed guide way is more than 3mm, and it is ground by high precision guide way grinding.

*The structure of Heavy Duty Universal Lathe CW61100/CW61125 spindle and main transmission shaft has been optimized and designed, with reliable performance, stable precision and good rigidity.Machine tool gear, transmission shaft and other important parts are processed by high precision grinding after strict heat treatment, with stable performance and low noise.

*D-type machine tool spindle hole diameter increases, suitable for large diameter shaft parts processing

*On the basis of the original products, the Q-type machine tool increases the height of the spindle center as a whole, and expands the processing range of the machine tool

Heavy Duty Universal Lathe 1

Heavy Duty Universal Lathe 2

Heavy Duty Universal Lathe 3




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