Gap Type Lathe

Gap Type Lathe

Gap type lathe CA61(2)61A/B 610mm swing over bed, with gap avalible, length 750mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 400mm guideway bed

Product Details

Gap type lathe CA61 (2) 61A / B

Gap type lathe CA61 (2) 61A / B is a very cost-effective model. More efficient, more powerful, cost-effective, suitable for all kinds of workpiece processing. All parts of the machine tool are well-known brands, which ensure the high quality of the machine tool and make the machine tool run more stable and durable.




Super audio frequency quenching of bed guide rail, long service life

Grinding around the bed guide rail, high precision

The diameter of through hole of spindle is 105 φ mm

Precision grinding of headstock gear, low noise

Feed box seal oil storage

There are many kinds of threads

Tailstock locking mode, thread and cam

Good electrical safety performance and high reliability It can be equipped with electromagnetic brake, and there are many choices of bed color




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