3 Guideway Heavy Duty Lathe

3 Guideway Heavy Duty Lathe

3 Guideway Heavy Duty Lathe C61160/C61200/C61220/C61250,swing over bed 1600mm/2000mm/2200mm/2500mm,with gap avalible,cutting length 3000-20000mm,bed width 1400mm/1600mm/1800mm/2000mm optional

Product Details

3 Guideway Heavy Duty Lathe C61160/C61200/C61220/C61250

3 Guideway Heavy Duty Lathe C61160/C61200/C61220/C61250 is a heavy machine tool with a maximum load of 40 tons. It adopts wide rectangular guide rail with good stability and rigidity. Guide way surface of 3 Guideway Heavy Duty Lathe bed is processed by medium frequency quenching and grinding. Spindle adopts precision rolling bearing combination and three support structure. Bed saddle guide way is pasted with PTFE soft belt, and tailstock mandrel is a rotatable structure, which reduces wear and heat of the top.




3 Guideway Heavy Duty Lathe is mainly used to undertake all kinds of turning work. It can turn end face, outer circle, inner hole, metric thread, inch thread, module thread, diametral pitch thread of various parts. The taper can be cut short by the upper tool holder alone, and it can also be cut long by the upper tool holder and the longitudinal feed. In addition, it can also undertake drilling, nesting, boring and other processes. This machine tool has high power and strong rigidity. It can use cemented carbide tools for thread turning to process various ferrous and non-ferrous metals.




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