The transmission of TPX and rear column

- Aug 29, 2019-

The travel of TPX and AH series rear column tailstock sleeve is equal to the up and down travel of the machine spindle box, namely the Y-axis travel.

1. AH110 and TPX6111 series(TPX6111B, TPX6111B/2, TPX6111B/3,  TPX6111C/3)rear column can only be raised or lowered by hand.




         Through the manual rocker to achieve transmission.


Use a scale on the rear column to measure the height of the adjustment.

2. AH130 and TPX611 series(TPX6113, TPX6113/2, TPX6113B, TPX6113B/2)The rear column tailstock sleeve can be raised and lowered by the button (and then manually adjusted), or the rear column can be moved by the button along the z-axis.


Inside the circle indicated by the arrow in the picture is a hand wheel, which is used for fine-tuning.


                                  Electric button close-up


The rocker on the picture is the electric lifting up and down of the rear column into the electric left and right moving handle.