The importance of tools

- Mar 22, 2021-

Why pay special attention to cutting tools? Because cutting tools are a special opportunity for technological progress, which can only be found during machining. Other manufacturing processes do not have the opportunity to effectively change the process in a short pause. The tool system composed of tool, tool holder and related hardware is the core of machining. The technology and performance of these tool components are increasing in various ways. If you choose the right tool, you can dramatically change the whole machining process. Although the cost of replacing tools and related parts is relatively low, you can still release the full potential of production cutting. However, it is very difficult to achieve this change by evaluating competitive tool options in a production process close to the full capacity of the plant. In a recent talk with tool suppliers, we discussed areas of tool development including better cooling channels, coatings and adaptability to rapid changes.

It is worth noting that the last point reveals the opportunities for tool performance improvement and how to go beyond the cutting edge. The blade also has a lot of impact force, which provides an opportunity to reduce the vibration or make more cutting edges press on the material. The dynamic characteristics of the toolholder can improve the machining accuracy or range. The cutting fluid itself also provides an opportunity to improve performance.

Then, the tool can help the workshop overcome the capacity limitation by changing the function of the workshop to a certain extent. Specifically, the tool can be an important auxiliary tool and an enabling device for lamp off machining. I mentioned the progressive progress, not all tooling changes are in line with this limited description. The great leap of tool technology continues. We may now see the emergence of insertion materials without adhesives. In the continuous turning process, a new binder free CBN significantly improves the tool life and the different relationship between the metal processing tools and the mining activities of raw materials needed for production.

An active machine shop, must have used a lot of tools. Your company must have made a choice for cutting tools. Are there any of these choices worth re examining? Right now, tool optimization allows you to make a choice quickly, completely and cheaply, which may prepare you for a completely different and busier business environment after 2021. After all, 2021 is the year we are all looking forward to.