The Development of Laser Cutting Technology

- Nov 29, 2016-

China's laser cutting technology has a certain scale, the domestic Suzhou sheet metal processing and laser cutting has always been closely linked together, complement each other, to enhance the domestic automotive industry play a key role in the technical level. You know? Laser cutting technology is accompanied by the development of the automotive industry, because in the auto parts manufacturing and automotive body molding laser cutting on the manufacture of a very important position. Laser cutting and sheet metal processing integrated use, and achieved very good results. Laser cutting technology has excellent cutting results and accuracy, cutting more than other machines is better, faster cutting speed, narrow kerf, high-grade incision, micro-deformation, heat affected zone is small, high efficiency, very easy to operate. At present, China's laser cutting technology to not only limited to the development of two-dimensional plane cutting, more cutting to the three-dimensional direction of development for the automotive industry to contribute more force.