Sheet metal processing industry, the reasons for the rapid development

- Nov 29, 2016-

Overall, in recent years, sheet metal processing industry can be described as rapid development. This is mainly for the following reasons.

1, high profits. Such as stamping generally can reach 30%, while the laser cutting can reach 50% or more.

2, low machining accuracy, easy to get started. In terms of gold processing, the accuracy of Jisi is very common thing, and the complexity of the process is relatively high, and even some parts to dozens of processes as much. Therefore, gold processing enterprises usually need a variety of machinery and equipment to meet the different process requirements. The sheet metal punching accuracy is generally about ± 0.1mm, bending accuracy can generally reach ± 0.5mm, so the relative to the gold processing, the accuracy is much lower.

3, production capacity needs. China is increasingly becoming an international processing and manufacturing center, coupled with increasing foreign investment, increasing demand for metal processing capacity, and metal processing industry in the electrical control box, machine shells are generally sheet metal parts, so Sheet metal processing capacity demand is also rising.