Remove the toxic smell of sheet metal processing filing cabinet approach

File cabinet sheet metal processing is a heavy industry, then there will be harmful gases? Of course there will be, in the manufacturing process, there are a lot of information, dyes, etc., will make filing cabinet toxic gases. Many people buy a new file cabinet home, they will ask the smell of a red nose, and sometimes headache appearance.

Beijing sheet metal processing solution is simple:

1. In the room and put a few pots of vinegar in water, formaldehyde is soluble in water.

2. Put some tea in the dish and put it in the room where you just finished decorating.

3. Ventilation is still more usually 10:00 in the future, points early, middle and late ventilation for 20 minutes. Each time 20 minutes will not freeze the heating.

To take good care of the body, not because of the new purchase of filing cabinets, sheet metal processing products, announced the release of toxic gases so I have cancer.

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