Operating environment of CNC

- Jun 12, 2019-

Date : may 15th 2014

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keywords : operating environment of CNC machine


1. Generally speaking , there is no special requirement on operating environment of CNC machine, you can put them in the production shop the same as conventional machine, but avoid direct sunlight and other thermal radiation , avoid too wet or too much dust place, especially avoid corrosive gas place. Corrosive gases are most likely to cause deterioration of the electronic components,or cause poor contact, or cause short circuit between the components. Affect the normal operation of the machine. To stay away from the equipment vibration , such as punching,forging equipment etc. For high precision CNC machine , we should take anti-vibration measures (such as vibration-proof ditch)

2. Power requirement

CNC machine is no special requirement on power,  it’s generally allowed fluctuate plus or minus 10%,  because of our country special situation of power supply, not only the power fluctuates greatly, (sometimes more than 10%)  but also of poor quality. Alternating current power supply often overlay high frequency clutter signal, it’s clear to observe with oscilloscope, sometimes it appears an instant jamming signal of large amplitude, destroy CNC controller program or parameter, Affect the normal operation of the machine. CNC machine adopt the special power supply or add voltage regulator,  all of them can reduce the effect of power supply quality and electrical disturbance.