Micrometer is afraid to be used like this

- Mar 31, 2021-

As a precision measuring tool, micrometer (also known as screw micrometer) is widely used in precision machining, and is well known in the industry. Today, let's take a look at the wrong use of micrometer?

1. Unsuitable temperature environment

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Before measurement, please place the micrometer and the workpiece under test at room temperature for a long enough time to make them in the same measurement environment, and pay attention to the influence of hand temperature on measurement during use.

2. Fall, bump or external impact

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Please take care of the measuring tool. It will be damaged or damaged during storage.

3. Spray water or oil directly

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There are two types of micrometers: waterproof and non waterproof. The non waterproof type does not have waterproof function. If spraying water or other liquid directly on the ruler body will cause the micrometer to rust, please use it carefully.

4. Sharp object scratch and violent disassembly

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If a sharp object such as a driver is used to carve on the digital micrometer, the LCD screen will be damaged and the reading will be impossible. Don't dismantle it by yourself.

5. Engraving on ruler body with electric engraving pen


Please do not use the electric engraving pen to engrave words or mark on the digital micrometer, because it will break through the electronic circuit of the micrometer and cause it can not be used normally.

6. Reverse rotation or random shaking


If the differential cylinder is shaken or rotated reversely, the tool will be worn and damaged too fast and the service life will be shortened. Please take good care of it.

7. Improper storage


Storing tips

Improper storage method will also shorten the service life of measuring tools

1. Store in a place with low humidity, good ventilation and no dust.

2. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent damage to the LCD screen.

3. When storing, a gap of about 0.1 ~ 1 mm should be left between the two anvils.

4. Do not store the micrometer in a locked state.

5. After use, store it in a special storage box. Please store the box properly. Do not put it on the ground directly.

In the daily use of measuring tools need to pay attention to maintenance, in order to extend the service life of measuring tools. Also, make sure to use it according to the instructions