How to maintain CNC machine in winter?

- Jan 26, 2021-

1How to maintain the chip conveyor of CNC machine tool and prolong its service life in winter?       

Necessary regular and grading maintenance system shall be formulated and established according to the type, model and actual use of machine tool chip remover, and referring to the requirements of the operation manual of machine tool chip remover.       

Strictly abide by operating procedures and daily maintenance system, CNC equipment operators should strictly abide by operating procedures and daily maintenance system. Technical and professional quality of operators is an important factor affecting the frequency of machine tool chip removal machine failure. When chip removal machine of the machine tool breaks down, operator should pay attention to keeping the site, and truthfully explain the situation before and after the failure to the maintenance personnel, so as to analyze and diagnose the cause of the failure and eliminate it in time.


2Selection of machine tool guide oil, metal cutting fluid, hydraulic oil and grease

Metal cutting machine tool is a kind of equipment with large quantity, wide range and various kinds. There are great differences in its structural characteristics, machining accuracy, degree of automation, working conditions and use environment conditions, so there are different requirements for lubrication system and lubricants. The machine tool is usually installed in the indoor environment. The highest ambient temperature in summer is 40 ℃, and when temperature is lower than 0 ℃ in winter, the heating mode is adopted to make ambient temperature higher than 5-10 ℃. High precision machine tools require constant temperature air conditioning environment, generally around 20 ℃. However, due to the high accuracy and automation requirements of many machine tools, the requirements for viscosity, oxidation resistance (service life) and cleanliness of lubricating oil are strict. Different types of machine tools with different specifications and sizes, even on the same machine tool, due to the different conditions of processing parts, the working conditions are very different. The requirements for lubrication are different. For example, the requirements of lubrication methods and lubricants for the spindle bearing of grinding wheel of high-speed internal grinder are quite different from those of heavy-duty and low-speed spindle bearings of heavy-duty machine tools. The former needs to use oil mist or oil / air lubrication system for lubrication, and use lower viscosity lubricating oil, while the latter needs to use oil bath or pressure circulation lubrication system for lubrication, and use higher viscosity oil.


3There are many kinds of CNC machine tools. Because of their different functions, structures and systems, all kinds of CNC machine tools have different characteristics. Necessary regular and graded maintenance system shall be formulated and established according to the type, model and actual use of the machine tool, and referring to the requirements of the operation manual of the machine tool. The following are some common and common daily maintenance points

1. Strictly abide by the operating procedures and daily maintenance system.

2. Prevent dust and dirt from entering the CNC device. 

3. Adjust the tightness of the spindle drive belt regularly to prevent the loss of rotation caused by belt slipping; check the constant temperature oil tank for spindle lubrication, adjust the temperature range, replenish the oil quantity in time, and clean the filter; after the tool clamping device in the spindle is used for a long time, there will be a gap, which will affect the clamping of the tool, and the displacement of the piston of the hydraulic cylinder needs to be adjusted in time.

4. Regularly check and adjust the axial clearance of the screw thread pair to ensure the reverse transmission accuracy and axial stiffness; regularly check whether the connection between the screw and the bed is loose; if the screw protection device is damaged, it should be replaced in time to prevent dust or chips from entering.

5. Regularly clean or replace the filter or sub filter screen of the lubrication, hydraulic and pneumatic systems; regularly test the oil quality of the hydraulic system, add and replace the hydraulic oil; regularly discharge the water and air filter of the pneumatic system.

6. Regularly check and correct the level and mechanical accuracy of the machine tool.

7. Numerical control equipment is a kind of advanced processing equipment with high degree of automation and complex structure. In order to give full play to the efficiency of numerical control equipment, it is necessary to operate correctly and maintain carefully, so as to ensure the normal operation and high utilization rate of the equipment.


Its set of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic in one, so the numerical control equipment for maintenance personnel higher requirements, in addition to the routine maintenance mentioned in this article, but also according to the detailed operation manual of specific numerical control equipment for specific special maintenance and maintenance.