Difference between saddle lathe and ordinary lathe

- Feb 01, 2021-

1. Increasing the rotation radius of saddle lathe can increase the diameter of workpiece, but ordinary lathe can't.

Saddle lathe means that the top half of machine bed rail near headstock can be disassembled. When it is disassembled, larger diameter parts can be rotated and processed. Width of saddle lathe is the range of processing height. The common lathe is a horizontal lathe which can process many kinds of workpieces such as shaft, disc and ring.


2. The effect is different.

Saddle lathe can remove the saddle on the track, so it can process larger workpieces. Generally, it is 1.5 times of the same size. For example, the 6240 lathe can only process 400mm diameter workpieces without removing the saddle. After removal, it can be processed into 600mm.

Saddle lathe is suitable for machining parts with large radial size and small axial size.

At the left end of headstock, bed is sunken and can accommodate parts with large diameter. The shape of lathe is high at both ends and low in the middle.

Lathe is a machine tool mainly used for turning rotating workpiece. Ordinary lathe is often used to process internal and external rotating surface, end face and various internal and external threads of workpiece.


3. The use is different.

Saddle lathe has all structural and performance characteristics of basic products, and saddle is attached to the bed, which expands the processing range of the lathe. Saddle of the machine tool is easy to be disassembled and the repeated positioning accuracy is high. After removing the saddle, special shape parts and large diameter disc parts can be processed. It is widely used for single piece or batch production in various machining industries, and is also a suitable supporting equipment for scientific research institutions.

Ordinary lathe is the most widely used one in lathe, accounting for about 65% of the total number of lathes. Because its spindle is placed horizontally, it is a horizontal lathe.


Extended information:

Normal use of saddle lathe must meet the following conditions: fluctuation of power supply voltage at the position of the lathe is small, ambient temperature is less than 30 degrees, and relative temperature is less than 80%. Environmental requirements for machine tool location: machine tool location should be far away from vibration source, avoid the influence of direct sunlight and thermal radiation, and avoid the influence of humidity and airflow.

Power requirements: general saddle lathe installed in the machining workshop, not only environmental temperature changes greatly, use of poor conditions, and a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, resulting in large fluctuations in the power grid. Therefore, installation position of saddle lathe needs strict control of power supply voltage. The fluctuation of power supply voltage must be within allowable range and keep relatively stable. Otherwise, it will affect normal work of CNC system.

Temperature conditions: ambient temperature of saddle lathe is less than 30 degree, and the relative temperature is less than 80%. With the increase of temperature and humidity, more dust will bond on the integrated circuit board and lead to short circuit.