Conventional lathe spindle nose introduction

- Sep 04, 2019-

The structure and shape of the spindle depends on the type, quantity, mounting position and positioning adjustment method of bearing and transmission parts on the spindle.The spindle nose is the joint of the spindle and the workpiece or tool. Its structural shape depends on the type of machine and the shape of the fixture or tool, At the same time, it should be able to ensure the accurate positioning of chuck and tool, firm installation, convenient loading and unloading, can transfer enough torque, and is conducive to reduce the overhanging length of the spindle nose, As fixtures and tools have been standardized, As a result, the shape and size of the spindle nose of universal machine have been standardized, It is mainly divided into three categories: a-type spindle nose, clamping (c-type) spindle nose and CAM locking (d-type) spindle nose.

A-type spindle nose structure

A-type spindle nose include A1 type and A2 type.

A1-type ------connecting screw hole is distributed on the inner and outer two circles. Specifications include 5 to 28, a total of seven, Type code is A15, A16......And A128.Its code is determined by the specific size of the spindle nose.

A2-type------- connecting screw hole is distributed on the outer circle, Specifications include 3 to 28, a total of nine, The code is A23, A24, A25...And A228.Its code is also determined by the specific size of the spindle nose.

A- type spindle nose structure is often used in spindle of horizontal lathe, automatic lathe, high precision lathe and grinder. It is used for the short taper centering of the front section of the spindle, fixed by screws, transmitting torque by nose bond, simple structure and good rigidity. There is also a small machine A0 type spindle structure.


clamping (c-type) spindle nose structure

There are 8 specifications and structure type codes of c-type spindle nose: C3, C4, C5......And C20. Because its structure is simple, craft is good, assemble disassemble face plate convenient, safe, reliable, In domestic manufacturers, this type of spindle nose has a greater advantage.

The spindle nose of this structure has only one nose key with screw hole, the rest are all through hole, Chuck with bolts from the end of the shaft into the flange hole and rotary plate hole, the rotary plate to rotate a certain Angle to tighten, can chuck clamp. This structure can change the chuck and other accessories quickly, in addition to the horizontal lathe, can also be configured with power chuck, for automatic lathe or other types of machine .



CAM locking (d-type) spindle nose structure

D-type spindle nose has 8 specifications, model Numbers D3, D4, D5...And D20. It adopts CAM locking mode to connect the spindle nose with face plate. The spindle nose of this structure and its related structure combination are suitable for horizontal lathe, automatic lathe, universal grinder and other machine. China's export lathes are also widely used D - type spindle nose and face plate.

E-type spindle nose adopts 1:4 short cone positioning, the large nose diameter of short cone as the reference size, Flange nose as the installation base, its installation characteristics are: The pull rod connected to the disk enters the front hole of the spindle end and rotates the CAM locking pull rod of the spindle end to clamp the disk, There is also a D2 spindle structure suitable for small machine.

The spindle end of ca-a product of our factory is type A16, the spindle end of ca-b product is type D8, and the spindle end of ca-c product is type D11. CW63, 80, 93 and 110 are D11, while 100, 125, 160 and 200 are A215. CAK36 and 40 are A6, 50 and 61 are A8, and 63, 80 and 100Q are D11.