Characteristics of components of CNC cylindrical grinder

- Mar 16, 2021-

1. Intuitive method: mainly through some abnormal to distinguish, such as abnormal sound, sparks, odor, abnormal heat, and then further discrimination.

This is a relatively simple method, but it requires that the repairman should have corresponding repair experience.


2. The use of CNC hardware alarm function: is to use the alarm indicator to roughly identify the location of the defect.


3. The use of CNC system software alarm function: Generally speaking, CNC system has the function of active diagnosis, in order to be able to diagnose the system;

Once the defect is found, it will be displayed through the display screen. Therefore, we can judge the position of the defect through it.


4. Use the detection terminal on the circuit board: because there is a detection terminal on the circuit board, it is used to detect the circuit voltage and waveform, and check whether the circuit works normally.