C-axis of turning center

- Nov 19, 2020-

Turning center is a kind of compound machining machine developed on the basis of CNC horizontal lathe. In addition to various turning functions of two axis CNC lathe, turret of the turning center has a power tool holder which can make tool rotate. Spindle has the function of continuous rotation (non-uniform rotation) and continuous accurate indexing according to contour forming requirements, and can be linked with x-axis or z-axis.

C axis of turning center generally refers to the function of c-axis of spindle. In ordinary CNC lathe, spindle can only drive workpiece to rotate. In addition to traditional rotation function, main shaft can also realize orientation, indexing and circular feed of spindle in turning center. Under the control of numerical control device, interpolation of C axis and other feed axes can be realized, and power tool can be used to carry out cylinder or any part of the end face Drilling, milling, tapping and surface milling.


 The figure below shows the power turret:


The following figures show some processing methods of c-axis with power tool: