Advantages and disadvantages of ball screw

- Aug 27, 2019-


1. To save more power

The driving torque is only 1/3 of that of the sliding screw , with higher motion efficiency , it saves more power.

2. High precision guarantee

Ball screw is produced continuously by high level mechanical equipment with higher precision

3. Micro feed possibility

The ball screw is used for ball movement, so the starting torque is very small, there will be no crawling phenomenon like sliding movement, which can ensure the accurate micro feeding.

4. No side clearance, high rigidity

Ball screw can be preloaded, because the preloading can make the axial clearance reach negative value, and then get higher rigidity

5. High speed feed

High speed feed can be realized due to ball screw of high movement efficiency and low heat 




1. The load should not be too heavy

2. The high cost

3. Not lock by itself